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Mike Castro's auto accident

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October 30, 2012 04:27PM
I thought Some here might find it interesting that Mike had a head on collision on Bowen Ranch rd. 2-3 weeks ago. All this digging up his inter net signature and no trace of his accident. I found this out from persons who live in the little neighbor hood called the village, It is from 2-3 miles from the ranch just off from the Bowen ranch road. The accident totaled out his 1949 red Willey's jeep. He has another 49 Willey's that is aquamarine in color.Back in the early 90's I watched Mike put this 4 cylinder motor together. He did a complete rebuild on it and it was cleaner than when it left the factory. That was something Mike and I had in common a healthy he old well built greatly engineered trucks.
Sundays ago when I drove past the ranch it was sitting behind the ranch. He has a collection of Willey's jeep bodies back there and I am always happy to see such vehicles. Since his wreck I have noticed he is moving them around.
According to a friend who was there what apparently happened was this :
It happened about 1/4 of a mile past the cattle guard. It Seems Mike was going to fast on a curve in the road and another car was going too fast from the other direction. And Dirt has less response time to swerve away from the other guy.
So,it amazes me that some body cannot dig up a government record about this some how. If not then Maybe he IS bullet proof !
That is not a threat just an observation.

Mike Castro's auto accident

jobe1609October 30, 2012 04:27PM

Re: Mike Castro's auto accident

Rick1252October 30, 2012 06:14PM

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