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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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November 02, 2012 10:37PM
Well, I was scolded for it by the current woman in my life earlier today after returning home and we talked over dinner ... I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it :-) Not sure if that's a good thing because she was concerned about my safety OR a bad thing and she should lose her "current" status (luckily she doesn't read this forum - hopefully).

I was born in the 70s and still remember driving with my dad along country roads, who would give rides to teens hitchhiking, although not in this country but still didn't think anything of it. Those days are extinct now it seems. It makes me wish I was at least a teen in the 70s as the world seemed less on edge back then. I grew up in a small mountain town in a certain small country notably known for the Apfelstrudel among a few other things. We used to leave money in empty bottles of glass milk at the front door, to be picked up by the milk delivery person and I still recall how my great grandmother made me pluck feathers in warm water after killing one of her chickens for dinner - maybe why I became quasi-vegetarian. As a kid, I recall disappearing with friends into the mountains until sunset, and we didn't need to come home if we ran out of water or food ... just had to knock at a stranger's front door, who opened the door with a smile and invited us in for refreshments and food. Simpler times, although not that long ago.

Today, we all lock our doors (except Canadians), make sure to have the alarm active on our cars when we park (unless you live in South Africa, where you can have flame throwers installed as well), and of course suspect the strangers we meet asking for assistance are up to no good. The good news is there are many exceptions and great people out there, some of whom I encountered on my first visit to the springs under my cloak of anonymity. Hence, there is hope.

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