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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Mission Statement

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May 30, 2002 09:26AM

I think the main objective of a mission statement is to make a broad statement and then further clarify exactly the purpose or mission. I think both of our suggested mission statements need further "tinkering" and you raise good points.

Like the part about "keeping our springs open and available for our children and grand children should be in the openning statement." Good thinking for "what if" contingencies!

Paul, I tried to incorporate your suggestion "coordinating and cooperating with our local private and public partnerships to ensure access to DCHS remains open for existing and future generations". The part "our local private and public partnerships" gets really long. Could we be talking about any other agency other than the USFS? Do we need to broadly base our statement? I'm only possing the question because there's a lot I don't know but I don't think there's any other group.

This is what I've come up with so far with the suggestions. To make it easier to deal with, I've broken it down into sentences.

"(Name of group to be decided) is a volunteer organization coordinating and cooperating with the United States Forest Service (USFS) to ensure continued public access to Deep Creek Hot Springs (DCHS) for existing and future generations.

The main focus of (Name of group to be decided) is protection, preservation and conservation of the area as it exists today by working to lower visitors' impact upon the area through involvement and education.

To bring people together in a sense of community, we emphasize a clean, healthy, clothing optional, family-oriented atmosphere in harmony with the natural environment.

We are committed to sharing information with other visitors on trash, the use of glass at the springs, etiquette, overnight camping, illegal fires and sanitary/environmental practices.

Our meetings are open to public observation and comment."

Mission Statement

Ron 1201May 22, 2002 08:06PM

Re: Mission Statement

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