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July 26, 2012 01:41PM
The road condition continues to get a bit more washboard with more traffic on the roads and no rains to compact the soil. The winds were light and made for a nice hike down to the hot springs. Upon arriving, there only eight people there. We selected a spot for the day on the beach and hit the creek. The hot pools were a bit too hot already, although we were able to spend a few minutes in the Womb before the shade all disappeared… but most of the day was spent in the creek.
The water levels continue to drop as well, making for both warmer creek temps and less areas to hang out in. The area just under the shower is almost completely dry now, only a small puddle remains above the rise in the creek.
The area still has some garbage left from the weekend, but Hippy Dave was there and collected some up to haul away. We had a good visit with him and some others that came in later, but the overall population probably never topped a dozen… that is until we started heading out. We passed two groups heading down, so for us two leaving, there was five to replace us, with other cars arriving as well.
The walk out at five was a bit warm still, but the breeze helped and having plenty of water on hand was a life saver. I had packed a good lunch but neglected to bring anything with salt in it, so we could have dehydrated on the way out if not for over packing the water. Just a reminder to everyone to go prepared especially in this heat. We passed a group on our way in who didn’t have water to drink but were advised to at least carry some to cool down with by Dave when they headed out.
I always enjoy going on a weekday, it is a mellower vibe and you don’t feel like you have to compete to enjoy some of the nicer areas or shady spots. There seems to be a larger spawning of catfish this year over last, most areas around the springs have schools of 20-30 tiny catfish. Also with the lower and warmer water levels, the larger fish are coming in closer and are easier to see. They are still too small to fish for, largest being only about 4 or maybe 5 inches, but are fun to watch come up and visit.
All in all it was a nice DCHS day, in the creek that is.

7-25 Trip report

Johnny1689July 26, 2012 01:41PM

Re: 7-25 Trip report

Paul P.1204July 26, 2012 03:27PM

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