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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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First timer

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July 06, 2012 11:05AM
Hi everyone!

I am planning on coming out to DCHS this weekend with a friend and I had a few quick questions to make everything go as smoothly as possible since it will be our first time. We are both in good shape and avid hikers so I have no concerns about proper etiquette regarding the outdoors, just want some recommendations on where to park, trails, etc.

1. We were planning on driving out tonight from LA. Since we aren't leaving until after work we won't be getting in until late and were wondering were to car camp since I read that you shouldn't come onto Bowen Ranch property late. (We will be leaving around 6:30 or 7:00pm, can we make it to Bowen by an acceptable time?)

2. Are there specific campsites to stay at or is the area open to back country camping?

3. Do I need to be driving the Yukon in or am I am I ok driving a Volkswagen Passat?

4. What is the current status on fires, are campfires allowed, are they ok but only in designated campsites, can I use a small butane stove to cook since I will be staying the weekend out there and exploring the surrounding trails?

5. What are some good trails to hike in the area when we feel like taking a break from the hot springs.

6. Based on what i've written you I be better off staying at Bowen Ranch or coming from Lake Arrowhead?

Thanks for advice on any of the questions. Can't wait!


First timer

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