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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: 3.7 Visit Update

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March 09, 2012 04:11PM
Also just a bit regarding Mike up @ the ranch:

He was kinda abrupt and stand offish at 1st - he had us get out of our car and checked to make sure we paid the proper fee and gave us a little lecture about not wanting to do a search and rescue and that it was very cold. But I totally get the guy - he's got people on his property, paying him and I'm sure some of the responsibility would fall on him if god forbid something did happen to someone. And I'm also sure he has to deal with plenty of hot-headed, loud, obnoxious and rude people as well.

After just a few sentences and us being very understanding of his concerns and making a few jokes he was joking back with us and totally friendly and helpful. Just throwing that out there so people coming don't think they're gonna have to deal with some mad Mountain Man yielding a shotgun or something.

3.7 Visit Update

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