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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (82% of Full)


3.7 Visit Update

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March 08, 2012 09:17PM
So I just wanted to post and give a big thank you to everyone for you helpful suggesions regarding my 1st trip!
The HS were even better than I had expected, far exceeded my expectations. They're truly remarkable.

Wednesday ended up being a pretty downright chilly/windy day but me and my partner set out anyway.
The Bowen Ranch Road was in better condition than I had expected after reading many of these posts. (although I'm tempted to
say they were awful & treacherous, perhaps the Protectionist in me is coming out...) Anyway, I made it fine in my super-low clearance
AWD vehicle. Mike, @ the ranch, was plenty friendly & helpful.

The hike down was simple and beautiful. Took the more conservative path to cross the river - along the rope and hopped some rocks - rather than
the insane commando style river crossing at the beach. Went straight for the open sandy area and setup camp. Upon arrival there were just 3 others.
Two people (M/F couple) were down there camping and there was a lone male sunbathing. It was my 1st time at a clothing optional area so I nervously yet quickly
stripped down to my birthday suit. Thankfully it was a bit warmer (perhaps around 50-52*) and less windy down in the canyon.

As for the actual hot springs, I can't say enough to describe how amazing they were. I have been to many hot springs in my life yet these and the
setting that they are in truly blow everything else away. Started off in the Arizona pool but certainly explored all the others as well. What's the name of the
1st one at the top of the rockwall thing?

I was also amazed at how spotless and clean the entire area was. There were a few wine bottle corks and ONE plastic water bottle. That was it!
I gladly packed it up to take out with me. Thank you to all the DCHS volunteers who help maintain this!!

Over the course of our day there, noon to 630, four other people arrived. An older couple and two young 22yo guys. As we left, however, a large group of perhaps
6 or 7 arrived and made the commando style crossing across the river. They didn't have camping gear so not sure why they would be hiking in so late in the evening...

Mike is absolutely right (for Newbies anyway) to leave BEFORE SUNSET!!!!! I am an avid hiker and consider myself an above average navigater yet hiking back up
in the dark, despite a gloriously FULL moon, was wildly disorientating. The 1-hr hike back up to the ranch ended up turning into a 3 hour hike because me and my
partner got lost. Eventually we decided to go back to the main trail and work our way back down to the hot springs when thankfully we ran into the 2 aforementioned
young guys who were hiking out. They knew the way and lead us back to the ranch. We happily took them to Sonic afterwards to buy them a GIANT THANK YOU dinner!

So thanks again for keeping such an informative forum on such a unique and special place. I can't wait to return!!

3.7 Visit Update

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