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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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FreehikeCA Group Hike - Trip Report 8/12

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August 13, 2011 11:27AM
Well, we actually pulled together a group hike. Small group, but a great day.

The initial poll showed 12 interested free hikers from the group that were going
to come on the trip. Two left their regrets on the group message board that
they couldn't make it so I expected at least 10 nude hikers, and a dog
(freehiking as well.)

Got to Bowen Ranch at the stroke of 10 (due to poor planning on the drive time
on my part) and found only two nude hikers waiting for me at the trail head.
Well, because of an unplanned mishap (punctured tire) we waited at least a half
hour while I was helped in putting on my spare. Thank goodness I did this first
before I started hiking.

Since it would have been impossible to miss the nude pit crew we knew that our
band of 10 was not coming and it was going to be a small group hike.

We headed down the trail on a lovely day. Not too hot for August. Just love
the hike down to the creek. It goes by quick but is a fabulous nude hike. We
passed a family coming up the hill but that was the only set of hikers we saw on
the trip in.

The creek was quiet and beautiful. There were 8 to 10 people there when we
arrived. We staked out a spot in the shade and started enjoying the cool creek
and the hot pools.

One of our group decided to head out to explore more trails on the Bowen Ranch
side so we bid him farewell. The creek saw 10 to 12 more people come and go
through the day. One couple arrived soon after we did and appropriately
birthday suited up. It was a light day for the nudist at the creek as it seemed
the textiles were more prevalent but everyone enjoyed the day it seemed.

Some time around 3 I had to start my trek out alone so as to get to town to get
my tire looked after before things closed. I said my goodbyes, crossed the
creek and reapplied some sunscreen for that hike up. A pair of textile couples
had just arrived but it was still a light crowd.

Wow, the hike back is much more difficult, duh, uphill. Not too bad though.
The first stretch up out of the creek is the worst. It is full sun and even
after a 3-4 hour rest it is difficult. I passed a dozen or so hikers coming
into the creek on my way back. Seemed kind of late for getting the day started.
One free hiker, yeay!

Once out of the canyon I found it much easier to hike. Very enjoyable. I even
got a respite with a set of wispy clouds that screened the sun a bit and dropped
the direct heat. The parking area was a welcome site.

I had enough water in my bottle to rinse off some of the sweat and dry off with
my towel. It is so nice to be able to do a quick outdoor shower after a hike,
dry off and put on dry clothes for my trip back to textile humanity. No stinky,
sweaty clothes sticking to my body in the car. Man free hiking is great.

I headed down to civilization very carefully on my spare. It was a tiny wheel
and I just didn't trust it. Luckily for me Walmart has their service area open
until 7pm. I was driving in town around 5:30 and the tire store I stopped at
was closing up. I had needed new tires anyway and Walmart couldn't have been
easier. No one in line for tires. Made my choice by 6 or so and by 7:30 I was
on my way home.

A little extra adventure but a good trip all-in-all. I'll let the other guys
post their thoughts. It was good meeting you and nice to hike with you. Wonder
where everyone else was?

Free Hikers - Join the group.

FreehikeCA Group Hike - Trip Report 8/12

nekkid19641492August 13, 2011 11:27AM

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