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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (9% of Full)


Trip report 08/03/2011

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August 04, 2011 01:56AM
Just came back from the springs.

I arrived at 10:30 at the BR. About 500 yards from the parking lot there was an abandoned campsite. It took me almost 30 min to
collect all the empties and nasties and most of the broken glass. That area will be under my supervision as I can easily spend
5-6 hours trying to bag all the small pieces of broken glass. So, every time I go I am going to stop by for 10 min and pick up more glass.
I collected two bags and set them on the trail as I did not want to walk 500 yards back to the parking lot and then walk back again
in the 90F temperature. Somebody picked up one bag and I carried the 2nd on the way back in the evening.

Once I reached the wooden gate near the lower parking lot I saw the bag I carried to the lower lot last week and mentioned in my last week report.
Somebody brought it back to the gates. Coyotes tore the bag again, so I double bag it and carried it back to the lower parking lot where I saw
two more torn bags I collected last week. I double bagged them as well collecting all the trash that got out. All 3 bags were around 70 lbs each and
I doubted anybody could take them up. I spreaded the "news" at the hot springs and it looks like somebody drove and picked them up. Kudos to you.

I continued on the trail picking up crap. I saw a broken wheeled cooler filled with trash. As I turned around and looked down the canyon, I saw a straw hat on what appeared to be a lifeless man.
Fearing the worst, I yelled at him but the man was not responsive. Then I had to go back and find a not so steep path to go down the canyon. To my relief the body turned out to be a shirt stack on a bush.
Since I was there already I picked up all the trash and hiked up where I left my backpack. I left my bag by the cooler and later asked some youngsters I met on the trail to carry the
cooler and the bag further up. I am glad they took them all the way. Thanks guys, it was a huge help.

So all these adventures made my hike last over 2 hrs in 95F temperature. I arrived at the springs at 12:40PM. While hiking down I was wandering why there were so many
people leaving in the middle of the heat. I guess they did not like the crowd that was there. They blasted music, threw mud at each other and made a lot of noises.
I went up the creek to check on the trash situation. The perpetual pooper(s) left so I collected only 2 bags throughout the day doing a decent job on the portion up the creek from the pools.
I hiked pretty much as far as the trail can lead until it stops at the huge boulder. I left 2 neatly packed and folded campsites intact but made a mental notice where they were.
If the campsites are still there on my next visit, eBay here I come winking smiley
I ventured to pick up trash down the creek but did a somewhat half arsed job. Perhaps it was a 3/4 of an a$$ as I saw some trash down there by the water but it was too steep to get to.

I saw Wizard at the springs with his girls. I remember them when they were really young. Time flies. We had a nice conversation and then he and his daughters carried two of my bags.
Thank you, sire. That enabled me to pack the styrofoam floats somebody left at the BR side of the beach. They've been sitting there for few weeks collecting water.
I had to poke few holes to drain and dry the damn things. I carried that bag on top of the MOFO hill and then two guys carried the bag to the lower parking lot.
When we arrived to the lower lot at around 9PM, the 3 bags I mentioned earlier appeared to be gone. At least I could not see them there. There was a nice gentleman and his Jeep.
I asked him if he could take the bag and he said he would.

Overall, it was a good day though I wish everybody would be CO and quite. I ended up going into the pools at 6:30PM for few minutes.
While in the Womb I used my new algae and candle wax brush with metal bristles to get rid of the candle wax spots I kept bitching about in my previous rants.
I got the brush at Amazon and it did not loose any bristles. That's my requirement for a metal brush.


P. S. There is one bag of trash left on the BR side of the beach. Please carry it up.

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Trip report 08/03/2011

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