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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (77% of Full)


Trip report 7-31

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August 01, 2011 08:21PM
As my friend and me traveled Bowen ranch road there was a huge lightening storm all around us. The rain has light then heavy the road had many wash outs and the water covered the road in several places. We were glad to have 4 wheel drive but slid side ways just the same. It was 9 am when we drove past the Bowen ranch. Three cars and a large R/V were leaving the ranch some had pretty women in them. We were thinking about the old adage "pretty women are the spice in life." As we traveled on the Bowen ranch bypass road the large mud puddles were already full, a good opportunity to clean the undercarriage I said.
When we got to the Freedom trail head there were 4 trucks already there. As soon as we exited the truck a huge lightening bolt struck nearby it was very loud, it was the kind that just hangs in the air and makes you wander why am I here? ! Oh yea deep creek h.s.
When I got to the creek an old friend I had not seen for a while was there. He is and old fashioned pot head and fisher man. He reported that he had not been to the springs in 3 years. He had brought his pole to fish but had left his recommended medicine in his truck. So he was going back to get it from his truck. I was glad to see him because he is a good person who is all ways positive. Just a little forgetful. He explained that the fire was in between Luna mt. and Round mountain. But the fire fighters had got right on it and they and this rain put it right out. It was no problem he said.
When I crossed the creek it was knee deep.
There were about 30 persons there who had camped over night. About 1/3 were women. I told them the weather man had predicted that this storm would dry up and be gone by this afternoon. We all hoped he was right.
He was, at 12:30 the sun came out and it was beautiful to be at D.C.H.S.
Several persons crowded the Arizona pool through out the day. At 2:00pm the creek water breached the up stream dam and the pool was cold from the creeks over flow. I estimate the creek water rose by over 2 feet during the day. By 4:30pm the water was below the Arizona pool dam again and people were soaking there again. I took my shovel out and threw sand on the breached dam.
The Womb pool and the anniversary pool had tannin, I think it is called during the day. That is a substance in plant roots that caused the water to turn red. By the end of the day the pools were almost clear again.
No loud mouthed idiots that I was aware of and only a few drunks enjoying their freedom. As usual a little trash here and there.
Another beautiful time to be at my favorite Hot Spring.
Happy Soaking !

Trip report 7-31

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