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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Crescent (11% of Full)


Trip report 07/15/2011

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July 16, 2011 01:31AM
Just got back from the springs. Overall no more than 20 people at one point - nice calm folks.
The hillsides on both sides of the trail are littered with trash. I picked up only what I could reach.

At the springs I collected 8 40-gallon bags of trash just from the area upstream. I ran out of bags to check downstream. A lot of folks volunteered to carry them. When I was leaving there
were only 1.5 left. I carried one and David whom I gave a ride to town carried another. Later he picked up one that somebody left at the trail.
I told people that once they got tired they should leave the bag on the trail so somebody else could carry it another 100 yards.

Whoever carried one of the trash bag missed lower parking lot and left the bag at the SOB hill. I guess coyotes got inside as the bag was torn and all the crap was
laying outside. If you are going to the springs tomorrow via Bowen Ranch, please bring 2-3 bags with gloves or gopher tool and repackage the trash. I had no more bags and most important no more
energy as I carried the heaviest of all bags and spent the day hiking the trails and picking up trash. I think coyotes got into another bag at the BR parking lot. I hope somebody takes care of it as well.

Sorry about all the mess, I should buy thicker bags to prevent coyotes from going inside though I doubt thicker plastic can stop them.

Somebody got rid off the tire I complained in my last post. Thank you. There were some mattresses and air mattresses left on both sides of the springs. I picked one obviously punctured
but was not sure what to do with another. That's gonna be the job for my next trip.

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Trip report 07/15/2011

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