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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Crescent (12% of Full)


Can you say Kangaroo

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March 25, 2001 09:46AM
Had a nice trip to the springs yesterday ( saturday ) and the creek was running higher from the snow melt. Rock crossing spots were under the stream. At the crossing downstream someone has put a smaller log across where they usually do in the warmer months. I saw several people crossing there but it looked like they were doing a shaky high wire act on the log. I find it safer when the water is higher to just wade across from the beach to the pools. This also gives you the opportunity to feel black mud squishing between your toes which makes it even more worthwhile :-) The Creek was well above the Aniversary pool and was also high enough to enter the pool ( which doesn't seem to have a name )between the Womb and the Crab Cooker. How about calling this pool the Wizard pool :-) Yeah I like it, now every pool has a name :-) Its certainly better than calling it the " Middle pool ". I moved some sandbags over to where the water flows out of the Wizard pool and it warmed up quickly. Actually at this time of year when its warming up I think the Wizard pool is more comfortable without all the Crab Cooker water flowing into it. Well the Morning traffic was light and then after about 12 things got busy. The Womb got full to the brim at a few times during the afternoon. It was a beautiful day with blue skys and high wispy clouds. The temperature I found was perfect with light breezes all day. Looks like the mud is going to be around at least for another year though the recent runoff has scoured some areas in the stream bed. Did some cleanup and carried out some glass bottles, cig butts, wax dripping, the normal stuff. Probably by now your asking what do Kangaroos have to do with any of this? Well as I was driving out on route 3 and 4 I saw quite a few Kangaroo rats hopping around which means of course warmer weather is here! Have you ever noticed that those little Roos seem to hop straight toward your wheels no matter which way you turn! Yeah there dumb as stumps but cute! A couple of new pics should be up soon if not already at craigs site. One shows the Aniversary pool with Deep Creek in the background and is a good one for comparison to the next shot which shows flooding at a level above the Aniversary pool. I have pointed out some items to orient the veiwer to where things are under the flood waters. Both shots were taken from basically the same spot, one about 10 years ago and the other a couple of months ago. Happy Soakin AT OZ!

Can you say Kangaroo

Wizard 1495March 25, 2001 09:46AM

Re: Can you say Kangaroo

Springtoad 741April 05, 2001 10:42AM

Pool Names and Temps

DCR 1230April 05, 2001 11:27AM

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