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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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6/15 Trip report

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June 16, 2011 01:02PM
A beautiful day at the springs. I arrived at Bowen Ranch at 745, there were already cars in the lot, turns out the decided to spend the prior evening at the creek. I stripped and had a wonderful freehike into the springs just to have a group of textiles making all kinds of whooping and hollering while jumping into the creek… so I decided to go upstream, spent about an hour and returned to the springs to find the noisy group of guys had gone.

As the day progressed, it warmed up and people slowly tricked in, met some wonderful people who had heard about the springs and had to come see, one gentleman from St. Louis, and a couple from Pennsylvania. They said they were jealous of having such a great area available to visit.

With such a warm day out, the springs were running quite hot, so I spent most of my time actually swimming in the creek, it was great! I was able to see parts of the landscape from the center of the creek that I hadn’t noticed before. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to come to and be one with nature.

Later in the afternoon Jobe and his gal friend came in. We spent some time working on the Arizona pool and may have finally closed the leak down to allow the pool to fill some. We had help too from another gent from this board, sorry, don’t recall your handle though, but thanks for the help!

Along about six I started heading out, had a wonderful freehike on the way out, met only one group of guys going in. While there I was able to swim with a garter snake, talk to a guy who caught a rattler that he said was going to be dinner, saw a mated pair of hawks buzzing the canyon in an aerial dance that was amazing and even some low flying Air Force planes flying by.

I just love going on a weekday to the springs, the ratio of naturals was about 50/50 and there were about 20 people there that lasted the day. The area was not too trashed, but there were some beer cans and a tequila bottle that I collected. I ask that if anyone goes in, that there is an ever growing pile of items left by people collecting at the beach that if you can grab something and take it out when you go, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

6/15 Trip report

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