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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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06-02-11 trip report

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June 03, 2011 06:57AM
I arrived at the freedom trail head just a few minuets before noon. Hoping to relax and listen to the gentle waters of Deep Creek. I counted 5 vehicles at the Bowen ranch while driving in. There were 3 vehicles at the Freedom trail head. I was horrified to find some one had trashed my regular parking spot. And got my trash bag out and picked up some morons trash there. Mostly Beer cans, candy wrappers and empty soup cans. As I did this an old friend and hot spring regular showed up with a beautiful woman. I waved as he was descending the trail.
I knew it was not going to be a good day as I started on the trail some one had pooped right in to the middle of the trail just 10 yards in. Worse still some one had stepped on it already and and spread it onto the trail. So, I found a large stick and pushed it off to the side of the trail.
The weather was perfect for hiking, it was in the low 70's with a gentle breeze and plenty of sun shine.
When I got to the beach crossing area 2 couples were packing out and complaining about the rude and loud Mexicans. I said nothing and crossed over and got into the Womb pool. An intelligent conversation was being had by everyone there about the President's current policies. Everyone was enjoying the discussion when 5 loud tattooed and well fed Mexicans came over the rocks. They could not complete a sentence with out using a majority of cuss words. Their words echoed through out the canyon and changed the peaceful vibe. Everyone exited the pool gracefully without saying anything. Then I noticed a large amount of beer cans. The same brand I had just picked up in the parking lot scattered everywhere around the springs. The same brand being drank by them. They were camping there and had 4 tents set up on the beaches. Out side of their tents was trash similar to what I had just picked up in the parking lot.
So I headed to the shade trees and read my current book "Dude where's my country" by Michel Moore. I love the way he writes and the things he thinks about. After an hour of this I needed to soak again. So I got into the Anniversary pool then I took my book up to the big flat spot on the rocks above the pools. While there I saw this little inter action :
Three beautiful bikini clad college women appeared on the beach preparing to cross D.C. When they saw and heard the loud people they pretended to swim away from them to keep there distance. When they swam after them they climbed the rocks near me to maintain their distance. As they got near me I stated if they needed any help or protection to just whistle. They said thank you and got on the large boulder that gave them some space from every thing.
After @ a 1/2 hour I decided to take a hike. I climbed the large hill directly south of the springs. I hiked @ 200 yards from the peak. I could still hear the loud people up there very clearly. Then I went eastward and descended down the large hill and came back onto the P.C.T. @ 1/2 mile upstream from the springs. Before I got to the P.C.T. I spotted a very large eagle circling nearby. Just before I got to the trail he dove into the canyon at a high rate of speed. Disappearing behind some large boulders. Just as I got to the trail I saw him pumping his wings fast and hard. In his paws was a King snake about 2 feet long. Of course this snake was not happy with his situation.
When I got back to the springs I noticed the pretty women on the beach leaving.
The loud people were in the pools talking about stupid things and yelling stupid things back and forth through out the canyon.
The Arizona pool was full of sand. So I took my shovel out and dug it out for about 1/2 an hour then I left too. Some one needs to take a large amount of garbage out of the canyon, I am certain.

06-02-11 trip report

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