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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: 4/5/2011

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April 06, 2011 09:35AM
Our clan of 3 decended into the creek near 11 am via Bowen Ranch. The Ranch road is in very good condition having to pass some water twice but any car or truck can make it. At the ranch there were two cars there when we arrived. Tuesday was a perfect day weather wise. 79 degrees and winds of 10- 15 mph. We didnt see anybody on the hike down except for ppl in the distance decending bradford ridge.The creek water level has been the highest ive seen it, it was fun watching people trying to cross different routes but the only easily crossable route is south just below across lobster cooker it is chest high and i am 5'11''- swimming was easiest and fastest the water is bonechilling, but I jumped in the creek several times from both jump spots for a refresher. mofo hill crossing is NOT doable.. LUCKILY a group of 6 had a raft there, i didnt hesistate to ask to use it and we threw all of our day gear (i had a lot) into the raft and swam across. I saw some people cross w/their packs over their heads.Others stood on the shore never crossing at all i couldnt figure out why nobody ask to use the raft?. There is a thin yellow rope that crosses the creek to aid those crossing. At around 2pm there were probably a total of 20 ppl there at one point. I saw two regulars, Everyone was nice and there was room for everybody. Mostly everybody was textiled xcept for 2 couples who would bask in the sun when it was a little more private. The anniversary pool is pristine as is the large pool under it. Thanks to those who fixed it. The serenity pool was very enjoyable it was deeper than usual and with sand bags brought the water level to a pleasant enjoyable pool I could sit down and the water is neck high warmer than both larger pools.. The Arizona pool is probably warm but i didnt bother it the creek level seemed too high (maybe like a a foot or two higher than normal) it had some sand bags in place too. Nearby the serenity pool near the lobster cooker it seems as though the rainy season increased the water table and the extra pressure is increasing the water flow from the springs (slightly) you can see more flowing from lobster cooker and various cracks in the rock. I noticed the group w the raft set up a large day tent and large camping tent on the giant beach. The black chopper flew by low at around 2 pm as well I figured they were looking for campers and tents hopefully he ticketed them all hahah. I was trying to look for trash to haul out but there was none! awesome - Hiked out at 5:30- 6:00 it was a great day. When i left there were only abt 6 ppl still there. Good vibes great times at dchs

Question does anybody still drink water from the pipe from lobster cooker? Ive made a couple instant noodles in the past and drank some but was wondering if anyone else does.


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