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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (67% of Full)


Trip Report 01 - 08

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January 10, 2011 06:45AM
After my last report I realized that I missed accurately stating the level of sand in the Anniversary pool. I said it was half full of sand. Actually it was more than two thirds full of sand. So I decided to give my friend Santa a call to notify him of the situation.
Much to my surprise Santa has been monitoring this website and was concerned also. I asked him to leave some sand in the Anniversary pool because many of my friends had requested this. He said " According to his records I have been a very good boy this year so he was going to get at it right away and his Elves wanted the Womb pool to be just over 4 feet deep." He said " he has acquired a night time exception pass to visit the springs at night from the Forest Service to fix the springs for me."
So I had to go to the springs on Saturday to see how good of a job Santa had done. If those elves had done too much or too little that was reason for drug testing them. Every one knows about their magic dust habits and their crossing borders without visas.
I arrived at the Freedom trail head @ 10:30 am it was sunny and the weather could not have been any better. The pools could not have been any better either. They were exactly the way I requested from Santa.
My friend Chuck was in the Anniversary pool. So I asked him what his plans were for visiting other hot springs? He said "he had no plans." So we discussed which hot spring he should visit next. Which makes hot spring lovers like us just fantasize endlessly @ the possibilities. I last saw Chuck @ 6 weeks ago at Gold Strike h.s. and Arizona h.s.
As the day went on the prettiest girl of the day came over and wanted to know if some one would take her to Saline Valley with them. Another friend of mine said he had the vehicle but did not have a week to spend there. I said me too. Chuck said he had a vehicle and a week also. She said what is your phone number? Chuck said he did not have one but if you give me yours, I will go get one and call you. She gave him her number. That lucky Chuck now has plans.
The creek is very cold only true hot spring lovers go there this time of year and cross the creek. Others should take the Bradford ridge trail out of Lake Arrowhead. The creek level has not changed since my visit 2 days earlier.
During the day some pot heads brought a 5 foot Seylor float and put a rope across the creek. Then crossed using the rope and float. I had hoped they would leave the float for others but they did not.
As the day went forward @ 35 people visited Saturday. Everyone I spoke to had a very good time. No thing to complain about.
I can not get out of my head how lucky Chuck was ???
Happy soaking everyone !

Trip Report 01 - 08

jobe1519January 10, 2011 06:45AM

Re: Trip Report 01 - 08

jobe1358January 11, 2011 11:50AM

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