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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: August 6 Visit

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August 07, 2010 05:20PM
I arrived at the Springs on the 5th around 5pm and hiked in for a brief soak. Met a group who needed help coming out (they were nice, one was very overweight and it took some encouraging to help her make her way) so I walked them out and made sure they took the right turns. This is the largest group I've seen free-hiking. There were 6 and a mixed party. I think I once saw 4 at once as a mixed group. It was getting pretty dark by the time we were coming up MOFO and they almost missed the turn wanting to head up the road to the freedom trail. I said if your at Bown this would be where to turn and they did follow. I camped overnight and then at the very start of light was back on the trail taking my time looking over some of the side areas. It was fairly cool and I was glad I had brought a flannel shirt. Arrived at the Springs around 630 am and was surprised to find several people already in the Womb and a few others stirring in their tents. Someone had a fire (We are rated very high danger now so this is very bad for those who want to keep coming to the Springs) that was still smoldering by the large rocks on the Bowen side of the crossing. Several Vodka bottles and other debris on the beach but most of it seemed to be in piles. After a few minutes I noticed the party had left the Womb and headed for the shower so I visited the Womb, pulled the plug to let it dry out a little. There is a fair amount of moss growing. It could use a good scrubbing but I hadn't brought my brush. After a while, seeing a few more stirring and heading over, I decided it was time to head up trail for the upper areas. Had a quiet soak for a short time and got in about 9 miles total of hiking (14 if you count the previous evening.) I was heading up the trail for the truck by 930 am, Had to make a phone call from the Saddle and then was leaving Bowen around 1100 am so I must have just missed you. The water upstream is cleaner so it is worth the extra effort this time of year to find a clean beach to avoid the higher levels of ecoli around the creek by the springs.
The upper area pools have quite a bit of moss floating so it may take a little work and time exchanging the water. This time of year it is that way. In the winter, well its all under water! It is a very large area when we all take different ways in. Enjoy.

August 6 Visit

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