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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Crescent (21% of Full)


Trip Report June 27

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June 29, 2010 10:36PM
I descended the Goat Trail around 1 pm and found a fairly large group of Korean Ladies coming down the trail ahead of me. I hike fairly quickly and a few coming out, some au natural. Found a few of the locals enjoying the springs while I hiked up the trail to Willow Creek to see how the trail and the vicinity were faring in the summer heat. There were complaints from the naked guys that there were only 4 naked people. I actually counted 8 and 4 were women those guys were to drunk to notice! There were at least 40 people at the springs while I was there at 2 pm. It was hot and the springs were not particularly crowded but the creek had plenty of people enjoying the cool water. It's interesting in the winter everyone is crowded into the small pools and how in the summer everyone enjoys the big water. It is still running well. The creek is warmer than a month ago but the level is about the same. This winter gave us a lot of snow and the mountains are still giving it off. Willow creek is still flowing fairly high. For PCT hikers it means you will get more than your feet wet trying to cross anywhere at the ford of Willow Creek. This also means the pools above DCHS are still flowing and still worthy of exploring. The upper springs are still close to being flooded. It is hot enough for you to give the canyon above the springs a gander and dive into one of those cool pools to adjust to this environment. Indian Camp is an interesting area and there is always more to discover above.

There was an interesting discussion about nudity at the springs. I recounted some posts at this forum about 6 years ago by Wizard which talked about the various jurisdictions who have responsibility there. Wizard if you would like to bring that up again I think its still very relevant considering the Orange County Courts decision on San Onorfe Beach. I know your daughters where part of your concerns but you are quite informed.
I learned from Wizard that the Sheriff might find a reason to enforce the county nudity laws although they haven't chosen to do so. This leads one to ponder who's cell phone has a camera capturing you!

Sunday, there was also a Sheriff's helicopter circling for most of the afternoon looking for a lady who got lost before she had even found the goat trail. Here's the story. She left Bowen Ranch in the mid-morning, presumably with her husband and her children. The husband and children made it to down to the trail head at the fence and the lower parking lot. They said she was missing and they continued down to the springs.
She calls later on her cell phone that she is lost. It is obvious that she has hiked on the Juniper-Round Mountain Road toward the east and has found a high spot on one of the new motorcycle trails leading down toward Deep Creek. She says she can see the creek. About the same time near noon, the husband is at the springs with the kids and hasn't really made much effort to report her. Oh, did I mention she started drinking early in the morning and was looped when she told the husband she was out of here somewhere near the Trail-head at the lower parking lot! So she was found after several hours. Cell phones can help and I also didn't say the family descended without water. How many times have we found people on the trail without supplies. I carry 30 pounds to be sure we are all ready when I go in. It is a wilderness for a good reason. But so many are unaware. Cell phone coverage can be found at Bowen Ranch, on the goat trail beyond the wash out and at the Saddle as you take the trail to the right before arriving at Deep Creek (ATT). Any comments from you with other providers?
If you are planning on going into Deep Creek Hot Springs then come prepared. Bring water for you and someone else. There are those who don't think they need it but will find out life depends on it. Bring clothing. Look you may be a nudist, but the UV is at 10+ right now. It sometimes hits 11-12 in this area. Ok so on a 100% scale we are comparing it to Huntington Beach at sea level. I'm telling you it get's really high there. And higher in elevation you go the higher the UV. That means protect yourself. I've tried the new 100+ UV spray-ons and that helps but nothing is better than a layer of cotton and a foot of cool water. Enjoy your hiking. Coyote.

Trip Report June 27

coyote1776June 29, 2010 10:36PM

Re: Trip Report June 27

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