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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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HS Trip report

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June 21, 2010 02:31AM
This morning I drove to Remington to see first hand the condition of the springs.
The lower 2 pools are under water and the upper tub is only 3" above the creek level.
Since it can not be drained via drainage pipes now (you can still bucket the water out manually)
nobody bothered to clean it. It's covered in algae and got sand/rocks on the bottom.
I could not convince people soaking in there to allow me to scrub it. Remington gets less water than
DCHS, so scrubbing is customary.
So I decided to leave. On my way out I met some Founding Fathers of the springs.
I think I should have stayed as they could have helped me to convince others.
I learned that the main Father of the springs is in a hospital with a blood clot in his lungs.
I pray for his recovery. He was the one who stood waist deep in icy cold water for hours laying
down the cement when the pools were being built.
There is some trash on the trail and in the parking lots. I picked some until I broke my
trash picker.

Since I was intent to get some soaking I drove for 4 hrs to Deep Creek.
I arrived at the Bowen Ranch at around 4PM. I borrowed some tape from Mike to fix
my trash picker. The fix worked so I spent almost 2 hours at the springs picking up trash.
I collected two 30lbs bags which I took on top of the MOFO hill. Some guy helped me carry them
300 yards further (thank you) and I carried them for another 300 yard stretch until I could no
longer move. Hiking to and from Remington really tired my already tired legs.
Some kids at the springs promised me to carry the bags further up but I do not trust them.
So, if you find them on the trail, please move them 100 yards higher until they reach the top.

Overall, I counted around 30 people when I came. Most of them were textile.
Once some folks left, the remaining crowd became 50:50

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HS Trip report

Sam D.2035June 21, 2010 02:31AM

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New HS Trip report

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HS Trip report

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