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Re: WELL HELLO AGAIN to all my phriends

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May 03, 2002 10:06AM
Hey Craig! Great to hear from you again. Where have you been? What are you doing these days?

We recently got back from our trip to Baja ... we drove all the way down to Cabo San Lucas (1,054 miles from the border!). We had a great time ... some stuff as expected other stuff we had to just "roll with the changes" LOL. We checked out Cabo Wabo and had a blast! I want to quit my day job and be a bartender down at Cabo Wabo!! Hubby took almost 1,000 digital pictures (still sorting them and then I'll post some somewhere.)

We haven't made it to the springs in quite some time but hope maybe it's in our future next weekend.

I stayed home sick with a cold and I'm nursing my 9-year old puppy back to health at the same time. He was attacked by another dog Tuesday. He was finally released form the doggie hospital yesterday. Ouch on the bill! LOL It's really good to have him back in the house ... I think we almost lost him but he's pulling through, thank God!

So ya didn't save me a ticket??? LOL Not sure if I'm going to that concert or not. Of course if I am, I still neet to find a ticket.

Let me know when you can make it down to Oz.
Good to hear from you.

WELL HELLO AGAIN to all my phriends

Craig 926May 01, 2002 10:56PM

Re: WELL HELLO AGAIN to all my phriends

Wizard 627May 03, 2002 06:52AM

Re: WELL HELLO AGAIN to all my phriends

DCR 914May 03, 2002 10:06AM

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