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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: April 8 Report

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April 11, 2010 12:34AM
Hello Coyote :-) I agree with the information you cited regarding nude hiking in the San Bernardino Forest. I enjoy my Naturist Hikes in the many scenic outdoor spots I like to go. Just use appropriate caution and consideration depending on the specific circumstances, which is wise no matter what is the location of your recreational clothing optional experience. Best also to be especially careful when it comes to minors and nudity. As Coyote mentions, I found out first hand that various agencies ( BLM, Local Sheriffs, Fish and Game, etc ) in the area are not on the same page as the USFS when it comes to public nudity, even at Deep Creek. Just be aware of your surroundings, since you may encounter those ( agency or otherwise ) who take a dim view of public nudity, and could possibly cause you some grief over it, one way or another.

Aside from that, I enjoy my Naturist experiences as much as ever :-)

Regarding Onyx ( spelling? ) Summit, my bro used to own a 25 acre parcel just a couple of miles south of there up a dirt rd. I happened to be staying overnight there by myself years ago. I was sleeping in a 30 foot travel trailer he kept on the property and suddenly in the early morning before dawn that trailer and my truck which was parked next to it were jumping all over the place. I looked out the window and in the early dawn light I could see the big Ponderosa's swaying back and forth. That was the day of the double quakes of Landers/Big Bear. When the second quake ( Big Bear ) hit a few hours later I was quite close to its epicenter which was a very jolting experience. After that second quake looking southeasterly towards the direction of Palm Springs there where big billowing clouds coming up from the mountains which looked kinda like smoke from a fire. It turned out to be big dust clouds from landslides in the mountains! I had to wait for a time to leave the area as some rockslides had closed HWY 38 between where I was and Big Bear Lake. That was the biggest quake I've ever felt!

While you guys were hiking up to DCHS yesterday I was out doing a Naturist Hike in Granite Mountains near our home. I put some new photos from this hike at the Wizard's pictures link ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/hotspringswizard/ ) found below on this page. Came across a very cool Chuckawalla, a big brawny dark colored lizard that lives in those mountians. I also put a photo in there of some Desert Candle flowers I came across in my visit to the Carrizo Plain last week. They are strange and very beautiful :-)

April 8 Report

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