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Re: No More Muck on bottom of the Big Pool !

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December 01, 2009 09:03AM
I am not calling your friends liars, but this is how my Thanks giving day went :
I fasted all day Thanksgiving. That is I ate no thing that day, I started the day before eating a grapefruit early in the morning and ate no thing else. I spent most of my time in prayer and reading God's word. I camped @ 200 yards north of the freedom trail parking lot. On Thanksgiving day I got to the springs @ 1:00 pm and a 30 ish couple whose happiness was written on their faces were packing their sleeping bags. I removed a small bag of trash then started to siphon the pools until I realized I had no strength. Before I arrived at the springs I met a pretty woman on the trail who was maybe 5-10 years older than me. She was very nice and had taken her daughter and her daughters boyfriend with her to the springs. We talked @ 10 minuets then her daughter came up the hill.
So I started back up the hill @ 3:30 pm. As I got back to the where the freedom trail meets the Bowen ranch trail the nice lady's daughter was decending the freedom trail. She and her friends were lost and had dialed 911 for help, could I help them? So, of course I did. They had happened upon a asian guy and another guy who had shaved most of his hair off. Who were lost also. I hiked with them up to the last hill before the Bowen ranch. The Sherriffs helicopter and the Mercy air helicopter constantly made a lot of noise.

KINDA a strange day !!!

No More Muck on bottom of the Big Pool !

jobe1270November 30, 2009 04:03PM

Re: No More Muck on bottom of the Big Pool !

Paul P.639November 30, 2009 05:09PM

Re: No More Muck on bottom of the Big Pool !

jobe564December 01, 2009 09:03AM

Re: No More Muck on bottom of the Big Pool !

jobe1034December 01, 2009 12:12PM

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