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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is New


Trip Report 11-21-09

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November 22, 2009 06:51AM
I arrived at the springs at 1:10 PM. I took the Bradford ridge trail so I could miss the trash going the power line route. When I got there a large group from UCLA had just arrived. Most were women about 70 %, who joined the native custom by being au natural. They had sleeping bags and tents. So I had to ask if they were camping and DUH of course they were. So, David and I notified them of the rules too which they asked how much was the fine ? David said 60$. Their reply, "OH that's SO worth it ! "
Much of our evening was spent watching the many people crossing the cold creek. I started to tell them how they could cross at the rock crossing but the majority of the guys were enjoying watching them cross the cold creek. So I stopped trying to divert them so they could enjoy the painful look on their faces.
As the day went on more and more people showed up mostly female so @ 3:00 I guess there were @ 70 - 80 people there. No one was load or obnoxious or too drunk and a good vibe was predominant. No teenagers or children and a mature conversation was on going.
The pools were cleaner than usual and as I left I could not find any trash for my trash bag.
The only problem of the day was when 2 lesbians started to kiss and grope each other in the big pool full of students. Another guy @ 40 asked them to stop, so as not to get the natives excited. He stood up to show how he was already exited. The lesbians and @ 5 guys disappeared up canyon. So the problem was resolved, hopefully.
Many of us were crowded on the beach soaking up the sunshine as the clouds went away and a good time was had by all. As I left the springs music, alcahol and the smell of sweet herbs was everywhere ! guess there were at least 40 people camping out as I left at sunset. But more were going down the trails as I left.
Happy thanks giving !

Trip Report 11-21-09

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