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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Question For Katrina - Comments by others

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April 24, 2002 03:01AM
In 1975, the owners of the Bowen Ranch Building evicted the Ware Family (tenants of Fred Moss) from the Ranch. The Grams Family moved into the Bowen Ranch building as the tenant of Hoffman, Bekermus, and Kapelusz.

The Ware Family then moved back over to the Moss Ranch. John Ware would attempt to divert the public through the Moss Ranch to collect tolls. There were many newspaper and other stories about his follies.

Gary Grams found after awhile that these confrontations and struggles were causing a danger to his family and moved out. Shortly after, Gary Krower then leased the Bowen Ranch from the owners, Hoffman etal.

Somehow, Fred Moss was able to influence Gary Krower to start paying him rental payments. I am not quite sure how he was able to convince Gary Krower to start paying him. It may have been concerning Fred's land.

Anyway, Fred Moss since that time has been pretending that he has ownership of the Bowen Ranch. The true owners were on the East Coast and eventually sold the Bowen Ranch lands (south of the Ranch House) to ARC Las Flores and forgot about owning the Bowen Ranch Buildings as a separate parcel.

People started researching the real estate records and became aware that the buildings were actually owned by someone else, not Fred Moss. The Friends of Deep Creek had made plans to find the owners and purchase the building. The destruction of the Friends of Deep Creek put a stop to their search of the true owners.

Then in 1998, DCHS paid the past due taxes and brought them up to date. Katrina worked with a title company to research and finally find a deed with the true owners names on it. Katrina was able to locate the owners on the internet and wrote them a letter of inquiry.

They expressed an interest in selling their interest in the Bowen Ranch Building and land and we reached an agreement on a price. The following link should provide you with more information. Then if you have any further questions, let me know.


Question For Katrina - Comments by others

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Re: Question For Katrina - Comments by others

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Re: Question For Katrina - Comments by others

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