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Question For Katrina - Comments by others

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April 23, 2002 04:59PM

Can you tell us exactly how DCHS, Inc came into possession of the buildings at Bowen Ranch. This has never been disclosed in this forum, to my knowledge.

I think it's a relevant issue, with all the talk of taking possession of the buildings. Did money change hands? Or was there some "political" manuvering going on behind the scenes?

I won't pretend to know all the legal issues here, but from an ethical point of view, it seems odd to me that DCHS, Inc itself was never involved in ownership of any of the lands or buildings (until the Quitclaim Deed by the Hoffman's, et al), yet wants possession now.

Can't say that I blame you either. If someone handed me a Quitclaim Deed on some buildings on the land of another person, I'd certainly at least try to see if I could take possession. On the other hand, if I were a judge in the situation, I'd look carefully at the claim -- even where backed up by a Quitclaim Deed -- to see if there is indeed any merit to the case and the motive of the persons making the claim.

Question For Katrina - Comments by others

Curious 862April 23, 2002 04:59PM

Re: Question For Katrina - Comments by others

katrina island 506April 24, 2002 03:01AM

Re: Question For Katrina - Comments by others

Wizard 892April 24, 2002 07:59AM

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