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Re: The Cost Of Closing Parks

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June 04, 2009 12:08PM
It will be a SAD day when Californians can not afford to sh-- in the woods.
What Arnold is doing is only common sense. If the state can not afford something.
What he should have done is form an exploratory committee to see how much would be saved monetarily by this action.
The repercussions for us is this :
1) No safety net for most who encounter dangers in the states parks.
2) Everyone caught trespassing may be made into criminals.
3) After caught no one can escape being searched and prosecuted for guns or alcohol or other drugs.
4) Every dirt biker will have free reign to become pirates of the state park system.
5) The environmental aspects are to horrible to contemplate.
6) Some places are just to big to close and the additional cost bill be born by the court system, costing more not less. Just what the Justus department needs.
7) At least the homeless will have a better place to hide or live.
Can anybody think of more things like this ?

The Cost Of Closing Parks

Mr Nude Hiker1456June 03, 2009 09:38PM

Re: The Cost Of Closing Parks

Rick883June 03, 2009 09:53PM

Re: The Cost Of Closing Parks

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Re: The Cost Of Closing Parks

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Re: The Cost Of Closing Parks

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