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January 19, 2009 08:24PM


Perhaps we should be holding our breaths for something else; something that is breaking out all over the world. Civil unrest now moves from a back to a front burner as a landmark on our map and a pressing issue for our discussion.

On January 16th and 17th I saw (either) cowardice or duplicity on the part of mainstream media. Chesley Sullenberger is a great pilot. Coming from an Air Force/aviation family I would be honored to shake his hand. The U.S. Air miracle on the Hudson was indeed that. But for almost 36 hours I watched in rage as the mainstream media, especially CNN, played the same four of five clips endlessly, over and over, rehashing the rehash – hour after hour. The anchors and their producers were either taking a break or regrouping. Several looked very bored. Not since 9-11 have I seen American media shut down news coverage of other important events to such a degree. But the US Air crash landing wasn't a 9-11 was it?

On January 16th the United States shed another 21,000 jobs… in one day. Globally, the economic collapse is hitting other industrialized countries much harder than here. Around the world "emerging" bourses are imploding at a faster rate than ours. Perhaps we should rename them as "disappearing markets" now. The disappearing act has hit turbo charge in Europe as a result of a now three-week old lack of Russian natural gas. Triggered by the economic collapse and compounded by human suffering in unheated, near-zero weather, riots – big ones – have erupted from Latvia in the North, to Sofia in the South. There is serious street fighting. Around the world, from China, to India, to Europe, industrialized nations are "frantically" preparing for civil unrest (China at a very rapid pace). Of course our map says that the US, the UK, Russia and a few others have been preparing for this for years.

Arab nations have lost $2.5 trillion (40% of their investments) thus far in the collapse and have postponed or cancelled 60% of their new development projects… You know? Those hotels where you can snow ski inside when it's 112 outside? That kind of a shutdown will cause the Arab oil-producing nations to explode in civil unrest as aggravated poverty, starvation and disease hit home in short order. Collapsed oil prices have exposed the lack of economic stamina in the region. (You thought Americans were foolish spenders.) The luxuries of the princes will now stand starkly contrasted against the barren desert of their subjects' lives. Thus, geography is giving us our first major political tectonic fault line. From the Baltic south, through Greece, into Turkey, then fanning out across the Middle East is a new frontier of soon-to-be flaming unrest

Unrest will happen here and it will happen in an earthshaking fashion within the next year. Could the evidence supporting this conclusion have been missed as we watched footage on the Hudson for the thirty-second time in 36 hours? Couldn't they have squeezed any of this other news in… somewhere?

WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING great folks like Rice Farmer continued to cull the world press to document the accelerating global collapse and send out stories on a daily basis. Good grief can that man read a map! When meshed with the research from both me and Jenna, the last three days have been an absolute horror show.

As examples:

The EU has effectively nationalized Britain's gas production to cope with the shutdown of Russian gas to Eastern Europe. Over the last two or three years I have received first-hand confirmation from North Sea oil and gas workers that – as a result of the North Sea's serious
decline and depletion – many nearly-empty oil fields are being converted to suck out whatever methane remains in now-depleted oil reservoirs. This has allowed geologists and owners to extend field life (profitability) for maybe a few more years. Now however, for the first time, British natural gas is flowing out to help Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia and many other east European countries which are shattering like ice crystals in the cold. British heating rates are soaring and there may be thousands more "excess deaths" there by freezing this winter. Already, a debate is underway urging UK withdrawal from the EU. It remains to be seen whether the heat from public opinion will warm policy making. Britain is a major candidate for imminent riots.

This current reversal is directly opposite to the map I drew at FTW between 2003 and 2006 which said that Britain would surrender its energy sovereignty to Europe. It did in 2006. But the combination of the sudden (if short-lived) surge in British gas production with the crisis in Eastern Europe has turned a few things on their heads. What is happening in Eastern Europe and the many other places around the world where riots are breaking out will give us clues as to what to expect here. I am afraid that we will be seeing civil unrest in the U.S. very soon and this is the gloom the media is cavalierly trying to "spare" us from so that Americans may have their inaugural moment.

As for Britain and the EU, the Russian gas shut-off will end, hopefully by the end of this next week. A human can freeze to death in a matter of minutes. At present I see no substantial progress. The EU is almost blatantly capitulating by throwing Ukraine back to Moscow. Here! We don't want it! The shut off will pass. Britain's momentary ability to act as a swing producer for Europe cannot last. Public opinion in Britain will likely surge towards secession. But Her
Majesty's government knows clearly that this is suicide. Britain will ultimately remain at the end of the Russian natural gas pipeline. But in what condition is anyone's guess. Britain sits along another fault line – the one separating Europe from North America. As Mexico will decide whether it is a Latin American nation or a North American nation, Britain will be compelled to choose whether it is a European nation or a part of the United States, Canada and its far-flung
Commonwealth. As I write, the Russian gas shut off continues and the crisis in Europe nears catastrophic proportions. Please, any regular readers who live in or near the region, send us your reporting, local stories you and find, and your analysis. Artificial conditions in Europe have given us a glimpse of our near future. In Sofia, Budapest and elsewhere people and factories have, as a matter of survival, turned to burning coal and wood to stay alive. This is not as simple as just a return to the Middle Ages because there are hundreds of times more people, concentrated in smaller areas. Already major cities in Eastern Europe are choking on air and water pollution from these "alternative fuels".............


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