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Re: SC80

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November 07, 2008 09:36PM

E-mail to Micheal Ruppert's Blog, author of Crossing The Rubicon


Andy Edwards

Mike, sir I've stuck it out with you for close to five years and I'm not backtracking now...but-

I think we might be getting a little off track here. “

Until we change the way money works…” Sir, we have not accomplished this and so must we not assume that Obama’s campaign money (largely bank and establishment money) was injected precisely to deliver this result of a leader who can bring people together?

And if so, for what purpose, because the last time the elites did anything for the good of the masses was….well when was that?

Isn’t it convenient that Obama represents, merely by his Democratic alliance, a bigger and more controlling government and yet he is hailed as our savior from the infringements on personal liberty by the state? What a perfect time facing multiple emergencies to bring in the face man. Is not the Patriot Act the most aggressively anti-freedom piece of legislation to come to pass?

Now, I am of the belief that a new world order is less a collected conspiracy than it is the direct result of the psychology of the perennial, imperial state mindset. A position in line with Ron Paul, Austrian economists and the libertarian message, but that sure as shootin’ doesn’t mean I’m against ANYBODY who can come in and make fundamental change. Black, white, space alien, democrat, green party-- you name it and as long as it embodies the truth I’ll get behind it.

I believe you probably understand state corruption and its roots in greed and power as well as anyone and I am guessing that by setting forth the idea that there is a ‘new dawn’ via an Obama presidency you are stepping beyond the rubble that’s falling right now, accounting for various obstacles, and ultimately seeing the moneyed interests pressed from the picture by way of the financial meltdown so as to allow (though not necessarily by orchestration) Obama to actually, truly make choices to tear away the controlling state apparatus which seeks at this moment to extract the residue of our civil liberties. Tell me this is true.

Or tell me that Obama will simply listen to the people. Tell me Congress will listen to him. Tell me anything so I can understand how another moderate liberal will not continue his empire’s path toward totalitarianism.

Tell me that what you foresee is the elite taking to the hills with their loot, peak oil stepping fully to the stage and Obama leading us in some kind of controlled capitulation/reconciliation to reality---the reality of depleted resources; a thing which simply does not allow business to continue as usual.

Because this requires me to believe that the elite is content with their aquifers and extradition treaties and their underground bunkers.

Please tell me you see Obama immediately coming to a number of realizations about our global situation and he, having been imbued with a truly humanitarian spirit and superior intellect will thus choose, against all odds, to steer the nation in manner as libertarian, constitutional and compassionate as possible. Even if that means defying the controllers of the Fed, Zbig, Zbig’s sons, the Trilaterals and whoever else.

Because this requires me to believe that these people who move smoothly between academia, politics and business and who have spent more money on luxuries than I’ll ever see in my life, are now resigned to give up the controls on the machine.

I hope this is what you’re looking ahead to because it cannot be that you’ve missed the facts of Obama’s campaign being managed for several years, funded by the global elite and suspiciously anti-Bush just when that’s exactly what we needed. What the left needed to get back on the boat, so to speak.

This requires me to accept that the same brand of men who manufactured the Fed and bombed millions of human beings in the name of empire and progress are now okay with turning things over to the “barbarian hordes” who they so loathed for so long such that they risked everything in their silent coups.

Now, I’ll return here to my disclosure: I like Obama as a man, I believe he is the most respectable, intelligent dude to step to the fore in many election cycles. More importantly, I shed my tears on Tuesday night because I saw, even if it was an illusion, the hem of the America we were intended to be. I saw people vindicated, shed of their guilt and honestly moved from the idiocy of the Bush years. I am human. I am American.

However, I will return promptly and properly to my skepticism while allowing for Barack Obama to actually be the man of heart and strength that we wish him to be and ask: how in the name of all that is holy will Mr. Obama come to grips with the near almighty power of the impersonal state seeking through money and momentum to push him where it wants him, and further how will he self manage his own complicity in that state as he has knowingly or unknowingly given a face and made personal this machine--this machine that has been dangerous to liberty since its inception—how? And why?

Because I wonder frankly how a president who owes so much to the Wall St. banking institutions with their CIA affiliations can actually operate within the beast---and I wonder this because I know that this is what we are actually wishing him to be.

We need to face the facts that we are asking of Obama that he become no less than JFK/Thomas Jefferson/Ghandi with better Secret Service protection.

Please tell me you see globalization crippled by peak oil ASAP and Obama using his mandate to promote actual production of actual goods here in America so that we might free ourselves of the illusion of the consumer based economy. Please tell me that when our President sees this real crisis, among others, that he will enact a Manhattan Project-like drive to rebuild our rail system.

Because I wonder frankly if he’ll even bring the troops home. And I wonder this because I know that George Bush didn’t get us there. The men behind the curtain did and we can’t know for sure what happens back there and if they have retreated. Why would they now?

Or is it rather that the best we can hope is that he’ll simply and quickly tell us the truth about our situation. Tell us that we can no longer live with the arrangements which make us a superpower consumer and global empire. Will he just step up and deliver the bad news like the doctor who diagnoses and prescribes and does not sell the latest bullshit big pharmaceutical placebo?

Because I’m thinking that the most important step in dealing with reality, is knowing what reality is. Lost in the woods, we must not wait for them to build a grocery store. Lost in the woods, we must survive. Will Obama be a voice in the wilderness or will he rather continue to spin the yarn until it is too late?

Mike, sir, please tell me that Mr. Obama will concede to China and Russia and step off the path to ceaseless resource wars.

Sir, I don’t believe that this is going to happen in four or even eight years.

I kind of doubt we’ve got even another one year of business as usual.

Sir, tell me that Obama is a bad enough mutha to open media outlets again or that he is merely inspirational enough that Chris Matthews will report the whole truth for once.

This letter is of course, unfair. No one knows what will happen. We predict.

And is there really any solid reason to predict that anything will be any different?

I’d be happy with Patriot Act repealed.

That alone would allow me to vote for Obama when next he fights.

But I predict not even that most glaringly tyrannous little document will change one bit.

Please prove me wrong Mr.Obama. Seriously, please...........

While I am greatly elated that MCsame and MCSarah won't be running the country, it still remains to be seen if Obama can really bring about the monumental changes that could possibly mitigate to some degree the slide of the US into economic armegedon and greatly reduced worldwide influence. We may see that Obama afterall is not that detached from the Elites and thier various sinister agendas. If he tries to bring about massive changes, the utterly entrenched system as wrought by the world's powerful people will very likely create so many roadblocks to bringing great change that nothing of major consequence will get accomplished. The challenges facing this country across on a vast array of issues are immense and the powers that be will strive to perpetuate the current paradigm that has brought them such great wealth and privelage.


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