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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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April 14, 2002 10:44AM
Naked Man, Concerning improvements to Route 4 and 3, these roads cross BLM and Forestry land and I serriously doubt that either of these agencies are interested in doing any work to make them easier to travel. On the other hand they are the only reasonable option for the general public who chooses not to access through the private property of the Bowen Ranch. The public should have a reasonable option like Routes 4 and 3 provide, to access these public land and DCHS specifically. If a point is made that somehow the public who accesses the springs by way of Route 4 and 3 are presenting some danger to the well being of the springs then I would say again that by far the vast majority of the visitors to the springs come through the Bowen Ranch and that conduit to DCHS therefore introduces many visitors who by their actions degrade the springs environment. Now in saying this I do not suggest fault for this reality on the owner of the Bowen Ranch, he certainly has the right to let people cross his property but rather I'm saying that it is clear that those who do harm to the springs pass through the ranch in greater numbers than those who pass around it. In the end the BLM and the Forestry Dept have the authourity to decide what is to be done about the increased visitation to DCHS. Anyone who has gone there on a regular basis over the years knows clearly that the springs have become more crowded over the years. Of course the same thing is happening in all the outdoor recreation destinations as the population around these areas increases. There will always be disagreements between differant parties who visit the springs about what policy is best for the area. I just hope that DCHS remains reasonably accessable long into the future. I've had so many good times down there.

Hotsprings Store

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