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August 14, 2008 04:49PM

While not “back to your regular scheduled deprogramming”, there is a LOT of doom news on the horizon (or on your doorstep, depending on where you live).

Artic Ice Melt Will Set New Records

Related (another global warming issue): Shelfish Invade Atlantic

Prepare for 4C Climate Temperature Rise

Whether you know it or not, if this happens, prepare for extinction of nearly all life on earth, including humans.

Some of us will drown. Others will die of thirst. For certain, nothing will be the same, everything will change.

This will spark regional wars and conflicts around the globe as energy demands skyrocket, water shortages and drought cause crop failures and gigantic dustbowls, and agencies and government scramble to compete for critical resources in order to survive.

On one hand, business as usual (except now on a global scale, ie., mass death and destruction and conflict), on the other, life as you know is to be forever changed, because it’s going to happen to YOU this time, not in some hard-to-spell place you’ve never heard of.

Yesterday I was reading of a woman in Georgia over the conflict with Russia, who said “why do we have to go through this again, all we want is to live in peace!”. This is what everyone wants, but fewer and fewer seem to get.

Found over on Crytogon, the Russian/Georgian conflict is about oil pipelines. In today’s world, follow the money, follow the energy and you will find your snake in the grass hidden among all the tall weeds and smokescreens thrown up.

I still maintain the key to all of this is to disengage yourself from the failing system as much as you can. You’re not going to remain unaffected by any of it, since we are all heavily reliant upon the downstream effects of everything that is going on. Make yourself if you can, independent and self-reliant as much as possible. Then you cut the ties that bind you AND the dependencies that make you vulnerable.

At least somewhat. Plan ahead for what you know is happening. I write about climate change, rising food prices, oil spikes and energy shortages and the fascism and police state that is already here. Much more of all of these things are headed our way, so plan ahead now to deal with them then.

Be wise, many news stories are “spikes”, sent out to disarm public protest or create / promote false flag events. During the aftermath to 9/11 we all saw and read a ton of these kinds of stories. Alarmist reactions to boogey men under the bed — and it worked. Amerika was forever changed with the helpful hands of a complicit (and incredibly LAZY) media and government agencies working together to create a police state right here in Amerika.

Short of revolution, not much can really be done about this. I abhor the wheel-spinning, street marching, letter writing, bogus “reaction” advocated by many groups as being even remotely effective. These are simply steam valves that permit the clueless to believe “they are doing something”, while nothing at all gets accomplished to make things better.

And nothing will — you can take that to the bank, but be careful which one you pick, over $500 billion is being written off. I definitely don’t advocate gold or silver being a better investment either (still). I’m still turning down food orders for gold.

You are also still on your own, more so then some of you might think. One step away from personal collapse, whether house fire, divorce, job layoff, home foreclosure, utility shutoffs, bank failure or even drought, there are a thousand ways to disaster. The real problem is of course, the odds of this keep increasing as things we oft took for granted like affordable transportation or cheap food, disappear. Then something else disappears as the dominoes of our oil-soaked energy dependent civilization topple over, killing even more humans and animal species in rapidly increasing numbers.

You’re just a big primate after all. Our mistake was thinking we were something else. I think there is very little chance now that we are destined for the stars. Probably a good thing too, we can’t take care of this place, no sense in mucking everything else up.

Yeah, more doom news for sure, it’s always there in escalating quantities and severity. Sorry about that. Once again — I don’t write the news (or make it). It’s happening to your world and until we have a severe, serious course correction to human civilization and our approach to living on this planet, it’s going to keep happening — in increasing severity. That is a foregone conclusion now.

Our own tipping points have long since been reached, but you’d hardly know it by the way some of our governments and leaders act. Stupid is as stupid does, don’t look to them for wisdom and advice, they haven’t a clue and remain as stupid and categorically clueless as ever (or just plain greedy and indifferent). Do your own due diligence and prepare accordingly. That’s why I’m so busy now, my “season” to do so is here and I’m going as fast as I can.


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