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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Locals ride motorcycle to the Springs AGAIN!

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April 14, 2008 01:21PM
I completely concur with your sentiments Naked Man. These illegal intrusions into the USFS areas like at DCHS and all over the hills north of the springs is quite literally out of control in scope. There are also regular and escalating intrusions down to the creek in a couple of areas upstream from DCHS a mile or so, one being the Indian Camp area. The illegal riders have shown that they are truly beligerant and defiiant, and have created by thier activities a massive area of interlaced illegal trails all along the northern rim of Deep Creek canyon and on down to the creek. Greg Hoffman is the ORV enforcement man for the USFS. I recommend any of you seeing these illegal activities to report it too him. His number is 909-382-2811 and you may want to refer this also to Brad Burns at the Sky Forest Ranger Station, number for that is 909-382-2782. Greg Hoffman covers the whole High Desert and much more so there is clearly much on his plate of many responsibilities. The swath of numerous illegal trails is all along those hills far to the east and west of the Bowen Ranch trail. These rogue illegal riders have clearly shown a complete disdain for any attempts to thwart thier activities. There have been a handful of them caught recently by USFS personel, at DCHS and up on the Bowen Ranch trail. Its like a friggin ORV park out there. I've made many reports to Greg. If they get enough reports maybe they will target the area more diligently. Its disgusting what these illegal riding criminals are doing to the public lands. They also recently cut through the barbed wire fence on 3N59A east of the Bowen Ranch trail. A large vehicle like a Kawaski Mule recently went through that cut fence all they way down the old road to the creek at the Indian Camp. Thats the first large four wheel drive vehicle to go down that route in a very long time. This old road was closed just after the Willow Fire. Greg has the information on this situation. They need to crack down hard on these illegal riders with serious fines, etc, but its very seldom that the idiots get caught. I stopped by DCHS late in the day on Friday and some loud and obnoxious fools were yelling loud and howling in the Womb. I had a chat with an old longtimer Dan in the Aniversary Pool. After about an hour the noisy group left and a serene atmosphere returned to DCHS. There were campers with tents there with fires. When I left I found the Pine tree that died by the beach across from the Crab Cooker is now fallen to the ground, and its been chopped up except for the trunk, clearly for firewood. I most often these days go to remote areas of DCHS and Granite Mountains to spots that criminal moto elements and trashy obnoxious people never go. Its a real shame how the situation has deteriorated for certain special areas ( like DCHS and vicinity ) in recent years.

Locals ride motorcycle to the Springs AGAIN!

Naked Man 1820April 14, 2008 06:17AM

Re: Locals ride motorcycle to the Springs AGAIN!

Paul P. 753April 14, 2008 08:24AM

Re: Locals ride motorcycle to the Springs AGAIN!

Rick 722April 14, 2008 10:09AM

Re: Locals ride motorcycle to the Springs AGAIN!

coyote_windsprint 723April 14, 2008 12:31PM

Re: Locals ride motorcycle to the Springs AGAIN!

Wizard 1264April 14, 2008 01:21PM

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