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March 21, 2002 03:08PM
It's good to hear that folks are carrying out stuff that other uncaring people are leaving behind. I felt bad a couple of trips ago. I had loaded up a plastic grocery bag I had brought with me with misc. assorted junk I found laying around (including 6 empty Budweiser cans that had sunk to the bottom of the womb). I tied it onto the back of my day pack when I started hiking out with the intention of dumping it in a trash can when I came to one. I get back to the Bowen Ranch parking area and uh-oh, it's not tied to my pack any longer? Must have come off somewhere along the way. Hope another person was able to grab it and haul it out before animals hauled it off into the brush somewhere! I'll double knot it next time!

springs were clean

mark (newguy) 938March 21, 2002 01:06PM

Re: springs were clean

Ken 1137March 21, 2002 03:08PM

Re: springs were clean

Rick 581March 21, 2002 03:29PM

Re: springs were clean

Wizard 1228March 22, 2002 12:11AM

Re: springs were clean

Free our Forests 834March 22, 2002 10:34AM

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