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Re: Illegal OHV use at Mono Lake

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August 09, 2007 11:35AM
I'm not doubting that there is a problem with OHV use up in that area but the tracks shown in the photo at your link, look more like that of a four wheeled vehicle instead of "Dirt bike tracks near Old Marina". Motorcyclists are usually incapable of riding that close togehter in such a consistent manner as to make the tire tracks shown.

I was a member of the "Save Mono Lake" Committee and am proud that we were able to win our lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles. The suit now requires them to bring Mono Lake up to a historically established level and maintain it there. They will no longer be able to divert water at will, from Rush Creek. I had a stake in this, not only because I own a home in the Town of Mammoth Lakes, but also because the lake itself is quite beautiful, especially as viewed during the descent down Tioga Pass.

I've also been hearing that Los Angeles will also be required to re-water Owens Dry Lake, which they drained decades ago to quench the thirst of Los Angeles.

They also had a flow line break several years ago that caused them to have to divert water back into the Owens River from their "Control Gorge" Hydroelectric plant and their license stated that once they turned water back into the river they had to keep it flowing from that point on, regardless of the circumstances. Too bad for Los Angeles and good for the rest of us. Hopefully, all of this will benefit the wildlife and help reduce the dust in that area.

Illegal OHV use at Mono Lake

Rick 1194August 09, 2007 02:30AM

Re: Illegal OHV use at Mono Lake

Allen 1167August 09, 2007 11:35AM

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