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August 03, 2007 02:32PM

North American Union: The SPP is a "hostile takeover" of democratic government and an end to the Rule of Law

.......................The SPP is a treasonous metamorphosis of our federal and provincial government bureaucracies into formal instruments to implement the agenda of the shadow government - the military/ industrial/ financial complex exemplified by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives who in turn are dominated by the U.S Council on Foreign Relations, and the US military apparatus. The S.P.P. has created the competitiveness council (10 to 16 people from industry and academe unelected by citizens, unaccountable to citizens, unrepresentative of citizens ) in each of Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico. They meet with our Prime Minister and the two Presidents. They actively direct the restructuring of the civil service apparatus and governance of Canada, U.S., and Mexico away from instruments serving the public interest and nationhood, and into tools to serve the power and greed of the industrial, financial, military complex. This Competitiveness Council will be at Montebello directing the three leaders in August, 2007 finalizing the last steps of the NAU.

Since March, 2005, under the direction of three senior cabinet ministers of each country, about 100 working groups of unelected officials from government and industry have been meeting at taxpayer expense deciding on and directing the implementation of the restructuring of the apparatus of governance and the form of rule over the people. Their command goes out down the chain of bureaucracy expending vast amounts of taxpayer dollars implementing the changes in our border crossings, in our airports, on our airplanes, in our skies, on and to our roads and highways, in our personal identification systems, in our health, in our vaccines, over our food supplements, in our pesticide safety levels, in our schools and universities, in the exploitation of our natural resources-our rivers, lakes, oil, gas, in our environment, in the arms industry, in the manufacture and use of depleted uranium, in the exploitation of and experimentation on our indigenous people and our military personnel, in immigration, over our right of Habeus Corpus, in our right of due process, our right to assemble and our freedom of speech, etc., etc.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people has been eliminated while those people we have elected stand idly in the sidelines apparently blissfully oblivious, or deliberately careless of the termination of their policy making role except as a rubber stamp. Those we have elected have abused their responsibility to protect our power, the people's power. They have permitted an undemocratic elite to control them and the operation of government. It is by us, the general citizenry, that Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assemblies and city councillors,and Senators and congressmen are supposed to be ruled in all matters, not by the military/ industrial/ complex that General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about on his final address to his nation. The Prime Minister and Presidents along with their most senior Cabinet members and officials really now do apply a "Divine Right of Kings" mentality to their role. They have metamorphosed into a cancer rotting the life out of our democracies...........

...........We, the citizens, must demonstrate to our governments that we demand an end to the integration of North America . And, we must tell them we are not asking for a front row seat at our hanging party. We do not want to be involved or to have them involved in any negotiations or discussions or debate about how our nations are to die. We already know we do not want a North American Union, period!!! They must repel the formal instructions coming to them this fall from the shadow government.

In recognition of our sovereign democratic rights and powers as citizens promulgated by the respective founding fathers of three nations, the Canadian Action Party calls upon all Canadians to join with our neighbours in the USA and Mexico to stand and defend our distinctive nations, NOT TO CALL FOR DEBATE AND DISCUSSION ON INTEGRATION. We must DEMAND SOVEREIGNTY AND INDEPENDENCE..................

The NAU ( North American Union ) or the SSP ( The Security and Prosperity Partnership ), is proceeding to progress towards realization. You most likely have heard nothing about it, as citizens you didn't vote on it, and your opinion of what it will mean to our country was not in any sense part of the considerations of the corrupt US shadow goverment and rich interest that want it to happen. They know it will serve well thier interest, at the expense of the interest of the general citizenry of the three countries affected, the US, Canada, and Mexico. And is it any wonder that Bush shows by his actions that he doesn't care at all about protecting our borders, why should he, since it is the intention of thier NAU plan to disolve the borders. They want to create a larger empire, from the Panama, to the Arctic, and to disolve the boundries that would deny thier ability to plunder, other peoples, and thier resources.


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