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May 05, 2007 04:49PM
There are many who care very much about Deep Creek Hot Springs and work hard as stewards of the land. All in all, things remain much better than years ago when the old road went all the way down into the canyon. There does seem to be an increase in the booze it up party crowd lately and this is a problem that could lead to a closure. Residents of the high dollar neighborhoods of Lake Arrowhead are very senitive when it comes to drunks and fires.

Glad you made it up here from AV Teddy. Deep Creek is "clothing optional" depending on ones own preference so whatever you are comfortable with is cool. I prefer the weekdays when things are mellow. Take care and enjoy.

Newbie appreciates clean springs! smiling smiley

teddy 838May 05, 2007 02:17PM

Re: Newbie appreciates clean springs! smiling smiley

Rick 472May 05, 2007 03:07PM

Re: Newbie appreciates clean springs! smiling smiley

LaughingBear 898May 05, 2007 04:49PM

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