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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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What happened 2 weeks ago...

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April 06, 2007 07:21AM
Here's what I know:

When I arrived at the Springs last Sunday (March 31st), I was told that the very same boys who I saw there the previous Sunday with 12-gauge shotguns slung over their shoulders had later that day (Sunday afternoon, the 14th) got into a fight with someone at the Springs and were subsequently reported to Mike (and the Sheriff) where a 4-man SWAT team greeted the boys at the Bowen Ranch and were taken away.

More than one person related these details to me on the 31st. But I don't remember who it was, off hand.

The part of the story I know is true is where I talked to the 3 young boys - maybe as young as 19 or 20, two of whom were carrying black 12-gauge shotguns across the creek to the wooded area under the trees west of the Crab Cooker.

I kinda wish I had suggested that they hide those guns while they are visiting the Springs, as there just may have been a different outcome for those boys - if indeed the rest of the story is true. No doubt, if they had kept those guns out of sight we'd merely be telling a story about some jerks getting into a fight.

That's not the end of this story, however. Just a couple hours earlier on the 14th, there was yet another guy shooting off his semi-automatic .22 cal rifle at the hillside east of the Arizona Pool. He brought out his gun 3 or 4 different times with others present (including me) and shot off a total of about 50 rounds at the hillside. When a large group of hotspringers appeared climbing down Mo-Fo, I strongly suggested he put his gun away as it was highly likely someone would report him to the authorities. He did.

What's up with knuckleheads who bring guns to the Springs?


What happened 2 weeks ago...

Naked Man 888April 06, 2007 07:21AM

Re: What happened 2 weeks ago...

LaughingBear 505April 06, 2007 01:08PM

Re: What happened 2 weeks ago...

Rick 982April 06, 2007 01:45PM

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