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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: JF 3380

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December 19, 2006 07:15PM
The powerline road was fairly recently graded and is in pretty good shape since we haven't had any significant rains to rut it out. I used to go to and from DCHS by that same route you took lots over the years. Really enjoyed the view of the city lights when you reach the edge of the hills at night. Don't want to lose your brakes going down that steep section to Deep Creek Rd. One night I was heading out, and stoped a bit at a spot to look at the ciy lights. In front of me a car was coming towards me. It stopped, a guy got out, and then I could see he had a gun pointed at me. He move around off to the side of my car, told me to put my hands on the wheel, then proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions. It turned out that he was a Fish and Game ranger, and was looking for deer poachers. Once he determined that I was not a poacher, and had just been hiking to DCHS, he went on his way, and so did I. Kinda scary for a bit before I knew he was a ranger, this guy pointing a gun at me out in the middle of no where, at night! Like you said Rick, the views of the Victor Valley on a clear day off of that powerline rd are superb :-)

JF 3380

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