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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is New


Trip report : 6/15 - 6/18

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June 19, 2006 03:03PM
This was the first time ever that I have not been to Deep Creek in more than six months ever.
So, when I got onto the dirt part of Bowen ranch road I was surprised to count 11 house there. It was only 2 last I was there.
Butterflies and bunny rabbits and a big rattler were the main animals I saw this weekend. Oh; And some nice people in the village. I intended to go to the springs with anyone in the village on Friday. But It was nice just to be around friends I have not seen much lately and did not go.
On saturday I finally got to the springs about 11:00am. I got my thermometer out the water at the crossing was 76.8 degrees. It was @ 3 feet deep. Between 3:30 and 4 p.m. I got my thermomenter out again.
The Arizona pool was 105.6 degrees.
The anniversary pool was 110.4 degrees.
The main pool was 107.4 degrees.
The little pool below the main pool 107.9 degrees. All temps were taken from the near center of the pools.
Deep creek just outside of the Az. pool was 74.4 degrees.
When I arrived 4 teen aged boys had the run of the pools. Only my self and one of the three couples there were nude. After a very pleasant 1 hour nap 4 wonderful women came along to soak. These nice women were surprised there were not more naked people. This seemed to annoy the teenaged boys and they left. After a long conversation with one of these nice women. We started talking about snakes. 10 minuets later a large rattle snake came from the large rock near the Az. pool. And took his time going to a bush north of the shadey area. While talking and drinking beer with these nice women. Some teen aged girls and one guy came down. They wanted some of our beer. We told them they looked to young to drink, and they went down stream to set up camp.
The main large pool was very dirty as we stirred up a lot of debris from the bottom of the big pool. So I looked for my hoses and pipe to clean the pools. But, my pipe seemed to be part of the shower. So I figured what I would need to clean the pools again on Sunday. I was able to clean the lower pool with my long hose, however. It was only one foot of debris. Now it is clean. Here in Las Vegas it is so hot we are haveing rolling black outs so I have to go as my battery in my laptop is weak.
I will continue when we get some electricity out here.

Trip report : 6/15 - 6/18

jobe 864June 19, 2006 03:03PM

Re: Trip report : 6/15 - 6/18

jobe 1051June 19, 2006 08:42PM

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