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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Googie Toogie

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January 29, 2002 10:54PM
This is the Munchkins favorite new phrase. It is used by them to describe almost anything :-) Today it means that it snowed at OZ! Weather people, you can never count on them, so you gotta do things for yourself. Today I watched them thar hills from my castle in the valley. Things looked pretty hopeless for the first half of the day. Then a little after lunchtime a change was in the air, and more importantly, dark clouds where building south of the homestead, in the direction of the springs. By 1:30 Pm I couldn't see round moutain, or any mountain for that matter, and that was my Q! I was a Wizard on a mission :-) I loaded up the mutts, earplugs, chapstick, yellow rain suit, water boots, umbrella, happy juice, camera, extra socks, manifesto for futurism, black trash bag, and all other things that are necesary for another fine adventure to that land of Fun and Mayhem that we call DCHS, or if its me, its OZ :-) I raced into the hills directly in to the Belly Of The Monster which in other words would be called a snow storm. People back east might not call it a storm but to us california folk, its the mother of all storms :-) I began right away taking pictures along the ranch road and quickly found myself in a snowy wonderland. As I worked my way up to the area of the Bowen Ranch I found the sky was getting ever darker and the snow was falling stronger as I went. I finally reached the area where I park, having made the first car tracks across the snow along the way, I always love being the first one :-) I put on my bright yellow rainsuit so that if I became lost in the huge drifts of blowing snow hopefully someone would spot me before I perished. Well ok, I'm just a sissy and don't want to get wet :-( With umbrella in hand I began the arduous journey to the land of OZ. It was snowing alot as I hiked through the secret valley and the scene all around was magical. When I reached a spot where I can normally see the springs, the air was so thick with snow that I could not see them! I hiked a bit further along the trail and the snowfall began to let up. About 15 minutes from the springs the snowfall basically stopped which allowed me to see the magnificent vista of the recently fallen snow all over the hills, along the creek and at the springs too :-) I really love the light snows of 2 inches or so because the features of the hills and plants show through in such interesting ways. By this time I had taken many pictures and was going to take many more. When I arrived at the springs area I went to the top of the cliff across from the pools and took some more pictures from up there. I then went around to the beach area across from the hotpools and took a couple more shots. I hiked back to the upstream rock crossing and went down around the Arizona pool. Just thought I'd let you all know that the tree man has been busy and there are a number of new trees planted. I saw him on my last trip down and he said he was going to plant some more. At this point I heard some noise and looked up towards Mo Fo Hill and saw two men coming down. I quickly took some more pictues around the pools since I thought they would be coming down for a soak. After taking my pictures it was time for a fine soak in that magestic winters scene. Nothin like swimmin around in that beautiful turquios pool ( The Womb ) with the fresh air and the new snowfall all around. I waited and watched for the two men to come along. Finally they came around the corner with one of them holding a fishing pole? They cast out into the creek in front of the crab cooker a few times. I could see they were commenting to eachother about the hotsprings and then they went on their way. After a great soak and some refreshing sips on my Tiki Sauce I decided it would be a good time to go while there was still some light out. After I dressed I went around by the Arizona pool and saw the fishermen dropping a line in by the rock crossing. I could have told them that there are only trout down this far only after big flooding events, otherwise they all die by the end of the summer because the creek gets to hot at these lower elevevations. The fishermen went up Mo Fo hill and I went on the trail around the side. They had a head start on me but I ended up slighltly ahead of them at the top where the two trails meet. I ended up talking with them for a bit. It was their first time down to the hotsprings area. They were checking out fishing spots and I told them that they would do best to go upstream a mile or so to where the trout survive year round from that point on up. On my way out there was a scenic veiw down the Deep Creek Canyon of the snow on the nearby hills and on the hills far away like Mt. Baldy and Cucumonga peak etc. The sun had just set and there was a redish glow just above these peaks as you will see in one of my pictures, if it turns out. On days like this, in the quiet of the new snow, and looking far down the canyon with no life in sight, it brings to me such a special feeling, to be able to spend time like that :-) Back at the Wizards sled I took another picture, loaded the pooches, plugged in some Infinity and began my cruise home with fresh memories of this fine day still wandering around in that place where my reality resides, my mug :-) No you wierdos, not my Magic Cup O Wine, my head :-) While Lines Of Sand ( An Infinity Tune ) slid down my ears I thought to myself how the Hotsprings Gods had been very good to me. Giving me a beautiful snowfall on the drive up and for the first half of the hike into OZ. Then stopping the snowfall in time for me to take some real nice pictures at the springs, take a soak and dress without being to cold in a heavy snow fall. The hike out was great in the clear air. I could see all the way to the mountain peaks northwest of Big Bear Lake and to the west to the San Gabriel Mountains. Yes the DCHS Gods couldn't have done any better for me today. As I finally came out of the last canyon of the Bowen Ranch road it once again began to snow like a Big Dog. During this adventure I took 36 pictures and I will be having them developed in the next few days. I will put them on My Wizards MSN link on the forum shortly after that and will let you know when they are available for veiwing. I just went outside to turn off the hot tub here at my digs and guess what, its snowing! Googie Toogie :-)

Googie Toogie

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