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June 02, 2006 11:57PM
I once asked a man, " what is intelligence ", and he said, " the ability to be aware ". I think of him to this day, and of his answer, a wise man indeed! Its been 30 years, so long ago, and yet so clear is my remembrance of that experience, that " point in time ", that changed my perception. I have some questions for him again, and it shall be interesting, to see what his " awareness " shall bring forth as an answer. We are defined by our ability to be aware, it is, the capacity to know, to realize, our state of consciousness. We are " truly " more alive, the more we are aware. It is like a wave, we come to being, very simple in form and mind, and through life, we come to know things more fully, and then, inexorably, awareness fades, and we return to the simplicity from whence we came. It is a word, a description of the elusive feature that makes us " real ", to ourselves. It is such treasure, such magic! The validity of awareness, depends on which " truth " you follow. The various perceptions of this world, do not conincide with eachother. So there exist contradiction, between a possible " fixed truth ", or, variable states of awareness. I have never come across a " fixed truth ", and I find it utterly fascinating, that its possible, that there may not be one, and if so, the interpretations of man, are mere wisp of wind, floating by, in this thing we perceive as time, differant worlds of awareness, in a precise sense, unique experiences, apart from eachother. And now, if at all possible, immerse your awareness in " Vangelis/Portraits ", sure to inspire you to new ways of viewing yourself, and the world around you :-)


Wizard 1458June 02, 2006 11:57PM

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