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Re: LeakyBeachClub

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January 18, 2002 06:57PM
Clarification of previous post:

Lisa was referring to LeakBeachClub as a someone who's been here before posting stuff. You can see as well as I that we've had no posts by LeakBeachClub.

Wizard is right, that in an earlier post, TikiBeachClub had mentioned some chick who took a 'dump' in front of him at the Springs. Anyone remember that? I don't feel like searching past posts to verify it, right now. The story was true, btw.

Here's the bottom line: I think Lisa may be TikiBeachClub in disguise, unless someone can 'prove' otherwise. It sounds like Tiki may be taking his earlier post regarding the 'dump' and rearranging the story line, then disguised as Lisa is poking around the message board with some so-far unknown agenda in mind.

I'm not usually this 'paranoid', but I have some good reasons to stay on top of this. Wizard knows what I'm talking about.

If Lisa turns out to be legit, so be it. I can sleep tonite. If something else is going on here, well...I'll see you at the Springs and we'll discuss it face-to-face. This is not the place. I'll inform Wizard and if you know who HE is, you can ask HIM.

Wizard, please let me know what you know about this Leaky thing, if anything.


Lisa 1489January 17, 2002 06:50PM

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DCR 787January 17, 2002 07:37PM

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Wizard 831January 17, 2002 08:40PM

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DCR 690January 18, 2002 10:24AM

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Paul P. 626January 18, 2002 05:24PM

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NakedMan 786January 18, 2002 06:40PM

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NakedMan 646January 18, 2002 06:57PM

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Wizard 668January 18, 2002 09:50PM

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TikiBeachClub 739January 19, 2002 09:43PM

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TikiBeachClub 1104January 19, 2002 09:47PM

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