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January 01, 2006 11:23PM
As described in Websters Dictionary: " Every moment there has ever been, or ever will be, A system of measuring duration, the period during which something exist or happens ". Such an incredible, and fascinating notion of our perception. The edge of a truly undefinable wave of moving experience we ride. What is the expression of time, that defines the measure of space, between the past and future, and if there are no " definite " boundries between them all, what really is the " present " after all? When I was just new from the Womb, what was time to my emerging consciousness, did it exist, or did I create it along the way of my journey in time? Some believe in other places we go to after our life is done here. Is there still the need for watches, clocks, and calenders, in those proposed realms? The stars shinning down, beacons from a time in the past, a magnificent portrait of what was. The other lifeforms we share this life with, insects, animals, plants, etc, what is thier impression of time. When did time start, can it end? It appears memory is necesary to create its notion, our collections of individual stored Grey Flesh experience, making time appear tangible. An enigmatic feature of our " reality ", an organizing principle, indespensible to our thoughts of self, but holding such evanescent qualities. So we have traveled yet again, to another place in time, 2006, morphing, transforming, within this perception of movement into new experience, and after all this time, it still remains, such a mystery to behold. What would our lives be, without time.


Wizard 887January 01, 2006 11:23PM

Re: Time

Wizard 1017January 01, 2006 11:28PM

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