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Re: Neighbors express off-road rage

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November 05, 2005 06:03PM
Thanks for the link Katrina. I attended this public hearing and submitted comment, both written and oral. There were people from all over the county sharing their experiences ( horror stories) with illegal off-roaders. There were a few from out of the county (attorney David Hubbard and the CORVA crowd) opposing the ordinance, but mostly it was regular ol everyday people from San Bernardino County speaking in favor.

Fortunatly, there are over 300,000 acres of dedicated BLM public lands in San Bernardino County expressly for unrestricted OHV use. This does NOT include Juniper Flats which is a limited multiple use area. (Designated routes only) J1299 within the ACEC remains an illegal route as WEMO signing has been delayed. The BLM in Washington D.C. has recieved formal protest from an attorney in regard to this matter.

Neighbors who wish to ride closer than 200 yards to an occupied dwelling must secure permission in order to do so. This fosters a good neighbor policy and requires a degree of consideration and respect. Riders on private property must carry written permission from absentee landowners in order to ride there. It also increases the fines for repeat offenders.

San Bernardino County is recognizing the need for a workable solution and an enforcable law. I support these efforts to end the conflicts between private property owners and irresponsible off roaders,

Neighbors express off-road rage

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