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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Challenging Moss Mill "Done Deal"

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September 29, 2005 01:06PM
I do not agree, Jobe. A jury will accept the WEMO claim that safe and convenient access to Deep Creek Hot Springs has been provided. Fire trucks will surely be allowed to access through Bowen Ranch. You must contest WEMO to win your case.

WEMO is flawed with ethical and legal violations. Both the Moss Mill Rd. closure and opening J1299 through the Cottonwood Springs cultural site were secretive "Done Deals" made to favored persons and interests. The Moss Mill Rd. closure was kept off the table despite the fact that it is a historic route declared to be open in the Federal Record. Current BLM Field Manager Roxie Trost early advised that J1299 was a "Done Deal". The ensuing public storm over that declaration resulted in the Comment Clarification meetings. These meetings unfairly excluded most of the public. Nonetheless, at their conclusion , Trost stated that the public had been heard and she gave her pledge that J1299 would not be opened.

Ranger Nelson became visibly angry and threatened a property owner who had objected to J1299. (Nelson had made previous veiled threats to that same person.) OHV Coordinator Mike Ahrens had conducted the Comment Clarification meetings and was also clearly upset. What to do? The Decision Table completed by Ahrens and Biologist Casey Burns had mandated closure of J1299. Opportunity soon presented itself with the departure of biologist Burns. Ahrens modified the table deleting resource protection leaving the biogist's signature on the table. As a consequence of his falsification of a document, J1299 was again a "Done Deal".

The "Done Deals" will not survive legal challenge.

" F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

jobe 1043August 26, 2005 04:39PM

Re: " F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

Rick 676September 27, 2005 06:18PM

Re: " F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

Paul P. 678September 27, 2005 10:45PM

Re: " F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

serenitynow 750September 28, 2005 09:32AM

Several legal angles possible

katrina island 771September 28, 2005 04:13PM


katrina island 710September 28, 2005 04:34PM

Ranger Nelson, Mike Castro & Katrina

mojavegreen 772September 28, 2005 06:57PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

serenitynow 747September 28, 2005 07:13PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 676September 28, 2005 07:31PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

Rick 665September 28, 2005 07:49PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 664September 28, 2005 08:59PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

jobe 704September 28, 2005 10:05PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 740September 29, 2005 12:25PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

jobe 688September 29, 2005 04:28PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 1297September 29, 2005 06:05PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

jobe 708September 29, 2005 06:21PM

Challenging Moss Mill "Done Deal"

mojavegreen 641September 29, 2005 01:06PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 627September 30, 2005 09:52AM

Re: Several legal angles possible

mojavegreen 710September 28, 2005 07:24PM

Re:lawyer retained

LaughingBear 666September 30, 2005 08:29AM

Moss Mill & J1299 Red Herrings

mojavegreen 714September 30, 2005 09:39AM

Re: Moss Mill & J1299 Red Herrings

jobe 762September 30, 2005 05:50PM

Common Ground

katrina island 661October 02, 2005 06:03PM

Re: Common Ground

mojavegreen 638October 02, 2005 07:12PM

Re: Common Ground

jobe 625October 03, 2005 04:59PM

Re: Common Ground

mojavegreen 708October 03, 2005 08:47PM

Re: Common Ground

LaughingBear 768October 03, 2005 09:47PM

Re: Common Ground

jobe 729October 04, 2005 02:54AM

Re: Common Ground

LaughingBear 671October 04, 2005 12:02PM

Re: Common Ground

Paul P. 714October 04, 2005 12:31PM

Differring Interests

katrina island 684October 04, 2005 01:06PM

Re: Differring Interests

LaughingBear 1082October 04, 2005 05:25PM

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