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Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

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September 28, 2005 10:05PM
It seems to me that point would be obvious in any court. And should be resolved as many people have been harmed by it's illegle closure. Not only cars but the fire dept. also. How are they going to be able to put out a fire on the property in the Indian camp area. If they must drive around the Bowen ranch an extra 4 or 5 miles. In those big trucks would be impossible. How ever it was possible by useing The Moss Mill road. Any fair court of law should be able to prove that. A fire originating there would endanger not only the village area but Grass Valley and Lake Arrowhead also.
The second most obvious point to prove would be Deep creek hot springs Inc. quit claim deed to the buildings on the Bowen ranch.
The FOIA could be sopeniaed as evidence in your case. As our right to justice would trump anyone's so-called right to privacy. I think the Supreme court has already ruled on this.
If Katrina were to take up serenity's offer, then it is time to prioratize your objectives and attack, attack and attack.
Discussing these matters here should be a good mental exercise.
This is just my 2 cents worth. Katrina, you know I will give much more than that for justice in these matters.
After words we can all have a really good soak. Imagine that :-)

" F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

jobe 1138August 26, 2005 04:39PM

Re: " F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

Rick 752September 27, 2005 06:18PM

Re: " F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

Paul P. 727September 27, 2005 10:45PM

Re: " F.O.I.A. APPEAL " Please !

serenitynow 793September 28, 2005 09:32AM

Several legal angles possible

katrina island 850September 28, 2005 04:13PM


katrina island 794September 28, 2005 04:34PM

Ranger Nelson, Mike Castro & Katrina

mojavegreen 885September 28, 2005 06:57PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

serenitynow 818September 28, 2005 07:13PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 721September 28, 2005 07:31PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

Rick 711September 28, 2005 07:49PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 723September 28, 2005 08:59PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

jobe 771September 28, 2005 10:05PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 788September 29, 2005 12:25PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

jobe 735September 29, 2005 04:28PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 1346September 29, 2005 06:05PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

jobe 753September 29, 2005 06:21PM

Challenging Moss Mill "Done Deal"

mojavegreen 691September 29, 2005 01:06PM

Re: THE PLAINTIFFS: The People!!

mojavegreen 681September 30, 2005 09:52AM

Re: Several legal angles possible

mojavegreen 765September 28, 2005 07:24PM

Re:lawyer retained

LaughingBear 713September 30, 2005 08:29AM

Moss Mill & J1299 Red Herrings

mojavegreen 973September 30, 2005 09:39AM

Re: Moss Mill & J1299 Red Herrings

jobe 827September 30, 2005 05:50PM

Common Ground

katrina island 727October 02, 2005 06:03PM

Re: Common Ground

mojavegreen 783October 02, 2005 07:12PM

Re: Common Ground

jobe 679October 03, 2005 04:59PM

Re: Common Ground

mojavegreen 817October 03, 2005 08:47PM

Re: Common Ground

LaughingBear 816October 03, 2005 09:47PM

Re: Common Ground

jobe 803October 04, 2005 02:54AM

Re: Common Ground

LaughingBear 728October 04, 2005 12:02PM

Re: Common Ground

Paul P. 758October 04, 2005 12:31PM

Differring Interests

katrina island 735October 04, 2005 01:06PM

Re: Differring Interests

LaughingBear 1167October 04, 2005 05:25PM

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