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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Moss Mill Rd./J1299 dirty deal

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August 26, 2005 07:03PM
Don't really know the relevence of this, but yesterday at 6:30 PM 5 (yes FIVE) of the green suits showed up on the trail down to the springs, they would have gotten there at about 7 if I estimated right. I was the last to leave along with another family, there was no one down there and, deciding to be nice, I told them so as I passed them. They passed right by me with one saying thanks, i'm sure they checked themselves because who would believe a taxpayer that had just been there, no trust for anything anymore, but what if they were there for some reason OTHER than giving tickets? Five certainly seems like a lot to hand out a citation... anyways, getting to the point. There must still be a way to get to the USFS parking lot via Oak Springs or Rock Springs, right? I mean, JF3/JF4 to the lot still works but you need a decent 4x4 to do it and come in from the west, and these rangers (whom had parked their truck at the USFS lot) certainly didnt come from that way, they came from the east because their tracks led that way... so, how did they get there? I mean, the way they took, thats obviosuly public access, right?

happy springing (its really nice right now),

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