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Re: FOJF vision and hard work

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June 07, 2005 08:21PM
As an OHV and property owner, I fully support our elected officials who are attempting to get a handle on this widespread problem. Undoubatly, there will be opposition from CORVA and the Blue Ribbon Coalition to this impending legislation. Motorcycle industry money vs private citizen grass roots organization. One thing is for sure, the problems involving rouge OHV activity is widespread and growing. This legislation will help direct OHV activity to the public lands set aside for play and help the sport in the long run while preserving private property rights. There is a large OHV element that is disrespectful, defiant and destructive. There are many others who are honest and law abiding.

The Friends of Juniper Flats seek to encourage the enjoyment of our public lands by all in a non destructive way. This includes designated OHV routes in the area as well as equestrian, hiking and mountain biking trails. Unfortunatly, the OHV industry has the Barstow BLM in it's pocket. With WEMO planning, all the BLM could come up with is a maze of motorcycle trails with the exclusion of all other user groups. The impending legislation is a call for responsible recreation. The Desert is not a wide open sandbox for a single user group to use and abuse at the expence of others. Our public lands are ment to be enjoyed by all. What is needed is balance,

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department supports this legislation as it gives them clear guidelines to address the growing problems involving destruction and vandalism of private properties. The County is soliciting public comment at this time on the proposed ordinance. For information, contact Randy Rogers, Code Enforcement Division Chief at 909-387-9050.

Residents: Off-roaders intruding on isolation

katrina island 844June 07, 2005 02:38PM

FOJF Dreams..............

katrina island 621June 07, 2005 05:57PM

Re: FOJF Dreams..............

Paul P. 571June 07, 2005 06:12PM

Re: FOJF vision and hard work

LaughingBear 596June 07, 2005 08:21PM

Realistically speaking ......

katrina island 637June 07, 2005 08:41PM

Re: Realistically speaking ......

Paul P. 557June 07, 2005 09:44PM

Re: Realistically speaking ......

LaughingBear 1005June 07, 2005 10:23PM

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