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Re: Pointed Message - Eco-terrorism

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May 03, 2005 01:39PM
The Daily Press article contained typical Barry Nelson BS. If this booby-trapping is actually happening, it needs to be immediately reported, and condemned by all resonsible persons. Nailboards and other devices hurt people and animals, and can also hurt the reputations of law abiding persons who care about the issues. Remember when the arsonists set fire to all those Hummers at the Covina auto dealer? An environmental activist was arrested, then cleared when the real culprits (hopefully!) were caught.

Such sabotage is never justified. The possibility that some foolish person might engage in such activity is increased by the lack of adequate law enforcement by BLM. Prior to a few years ago, the local BLM had a balanced law enforcement program. Chief Ranger Nelson has pulled almost all his patrols into the OHV open areas, such as El Mirage and Dumont Dunes. Other areas, like Juniper Flats, are seldom patrolled anymore. Nelson has been especially non-responsive and abusive towards property owners and residents who have requested patrols of adjacent BLM areas, from where many of the problems spill over onto private land.

On top of that, Nelson's staff has shrunk since he's been Chief Ranger. He inherited a staff which averaged 10-12 rangers for several years. Now, despite intensive recruiting, he's lucky to field 6-7 rangers. These figures exclude the out-of-area rangers he brings in to patrol Dumont Dunes on holiday weekends, while the non-OHV open areas go unpatrolled.

I suggest readers make their own conclusions, whether they agree or disagree with me, and feel free to write a letter to the editor to the Daily Press. You can do it online.

Pointed Message - Eco-terrorism

katrina island 736May 03, 2005 11:30AM

Re: Pointed Message - Eco-terrorism

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Re: If...?

Rick 822May 04, 2005 12:48AM

Re: Pointed Message - Eco-terrorism

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Re: Pointed Message - Eco-terrorism

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