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April 18, 2005 11:00PM
In the current ( May ) issue of National Geographic Magazine, there is a great article ( Einstein And Beyond ), which discusses the present notions of the nature of the cosmos. Quasars, Pulsars, Black Holes, Super Novas, Point of Singularity, Space Time Warps, Mutiple Universes, and no end in sight to new discoveries. There is no way that our thoughts can encompass the depth of what surrounds us. Our imaginations will always fall short of its expanding truths. Our lives are all about the ability to remember, without this there is no " self ". From the undefinable point of the present, all the rest, relies on remembrance of things past. When we change form, back to Mother Earth, our memories are dispersed like the wandering winds. Will there be a record, an enduring memory, within " our " universe, of what we were? Some believe this to be the case, in various forms, and some see it otherwise. A valid observation is, if " free will " is not a truth, then none of it really matters. But still, even if it all is but a mirage, Awe, is the best word I can think of, to desribe my feeling for this infinity, this web of experience, that we all, are inextricably part of.


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