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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Flowering trip report: 4/2-4/3

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April 04, 2005 12:30PM
In the movie, Wizard of Oz, There are scenes of Dorothy and friends in fields of flowers. At no other time in my many trips to deep creek have I ever seen so many or such a diverce assortment of flowers. White ones purple ones, yellow ones, all the colors of the rainbow are there now. At no other time have I felt this close to that movie scene.
Del Oro hills in the name given the Juniper flats area, by the Spanish. They must have saw the many golden flowers covering the hills as they are now. Del Oro is spanish for the gold. The hills around deep creek are gold.
The first animals I spotted as I pulled into the Roe compound alone, were a pair of Road Runners. The male I spotted first, as my truck came to a stop I saw something move. As I stared into the general area, he moved again and I saw him for certain. After watching him for @ 5 minuets I spotted his mate @ 20 feet away. I had not gotten out of my truck not wanting to scare them away. After about 20 minuets of admireing them they wandered to the top of the hill. I wanered around my old stomping grounds about one hour, then went to visit old friends.
Scott has always been a good friend so I visited him. He has a pet goose. After chatting with him awhile he left to fix us some coffee. As he did this his goose came over and QUACKED at me. I attempted to whistle back at him. He QUACKED and I whistled. The louder he QUACKED at me the louder I whistled. After reaching my whistling limit his goose was in my face as if offened. And threateneding to bite at me. This brought Scott out to referee. Warning me not to let him draw blood. As he reached out to bite I gentley push his face to the side. This made him jump back and Squak to show he was not afraid. We drank coffee and talked goose.
After a nice talk I was eager to go to the Springs. As I meandered along power line road I noticed several boulders had rolled into the road. I helped them continue rolling on down the hill. At two places water was crossing the road. And flowers, every where flowers. At the same place I saw Vultures before I saw a buzzards again. Circling in the thermals again up above.
When I came to the parking lot at the freedom trail I noticed 3 other cars. And flowers billions and billions of flowers. I hiked to a few of my favorite spots in the area and headed to the springs.
As can be expected, there were many college age spring breakers. Also the creek level was @ six inces below the lower pool. Just as was reported here. I got my hidden shovel out and procceded to dig out the lower pool. Witch was only about 10 inches deep.
I guess it could be said I did an unscientific study.
On saturday, I drank 2 bottles of Gatoraide and shoveled out sand from the lower pool. On Sunday, I drank 2 bottles of Budwieser beer and shoveled sand out of the lower pool. I shoveled just as much sand drinking beer as I had drinking Gatoraide. I unscientificly proved that Gatoraide is not harmful to working on hot spring pools.
The lower pool is now @ 3 feet deep. Thank you Jesus!
I took the tempurature of the creek at the same place I always do. About 6 feet off the beach I plant my thermometer 1/2 in the sand. The temperature was 52 degrees. Last trip here it was 44 degrees.
On Saturday almost every one used the Rat River raft to pull themselves over to the pools. On Sunday a lot of die hards chose to swim across. Then I found out why. The rope was knotted up and too short. Some Oriental men showed up and methodicly fixed the ropes. Thanks Guys!
As I left the spring, satisfaction. As I observed, a beautiful Oriental woman relaxing in the lower pool. Just the sight of her there made all that work worth my trip. Too bad my 256 mb sd chip in my camera said memory full.
While hiking out I crossed paths with a couple I had noticed at the pools also they had three dogs. Just before the last big hill to the freedom trail. We all saw a Bobcat, a large and fast and frightened bobcat. He was spectacular. Raceing uphill at an amazeing speed. What a show of animal dareing. He ran so fast all three dogs were going three different directions uphill. After a few minuets the dogs obeyed their masters an came back when called.
A spectacular finish for a spectacular weekend.

Flowering trip report: 4/2-4/3

jobe 977April 04, 2005 12:30PM

Re: Flowering trip report: 4/2-4/3

LaughingBear 996April 04, 2005 03:17PM

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